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May God bless you in the study of His Word.

If you are a first time user I ask that you browse around and get familiar with what is here. This site is a compilation of lessons and studies I have done in my devotional life. This commentary is different in that it documents what the Bible is saying to me personally at a particular time in my life and how I am to apply that Scripture in my life. I began this site thinking that perhaps what God instructed me to document will be helpful to many of you.

Before you begin looking for any particular Bible passage, PLEASE read the Forward for the books in that grouping. Then read the Background and the Outline to the book of the Bible passage you are wanting to browse. This will give you information on how I approached a particular book. I think you will find my outlines unique and different from those in the popular Bibles and Commentaries.

I wish to acknowledge and thank Jinx Christensen for her work in assembling this site and getting it up and running. Her husband, Steve, a friend from my CBS class, volunteered her for this duty and she accepted. I am truly grateful for and blessed by her talent/capability.