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2: Gabriel is Sent to Announce Two Special Births

May 13, 2009

Major Text: Luke 1:5-38


  1. A Righteous Couple’s Prayer is Answered        Luke 1:5-13
  2. They are Promised a Special Son                           Luke 1:14-17
  3. Zechariah is Muted for His Unbelief                      Luke 1:18-22
  4. Elizabeth Expresses Her Thanksgiving to God  Luke 1:23-25
  5. Mary is Selected for a Special Purpose                 Luke 1:26-34
  6. The Angel Reveals All                                                  Luke 1:35-37
  7. Mary Submits to the Lord                                          Luke 1:38


Here we have two humble devout women, Elizabeth and Mary, whose devotion to God takes priority over their personal desires. Elizabeth desires to have a child but being barren does not interfere with her love for God. She and her husband are given the special gift of bearing John, the forerunner of Christ. Mary does not desire to have a child because she is betrothed to Joseph but not yet married. But she submits to the Lord’s will.

Let’s compare:

Zechariah Mary
righteous righteous
feared feared
questioned questioned
didn’t believe believed
struck dumb filled with the Holy Spirit
John Jesus
brings joy will be great
will be great Son of the Most High
Nazarite King
filled with the Holy Spirit will reign over an eternal kingdom
prophet Son of God

Elizabeth and Mary enter the throne room of God in worship and receive God’s blessing. They believed God’s promise delivered by Gabriel.

Both Zechariah and Joseph are supportive but in the background. Men, we are to support our wife’s special blessing even when it might inconvenience us or cause us embarrassment. We are to honor them and the Lord always. Zechariah and Joseph did. They found reason to believe in the miraculous promise and provision of the Lord God.


  1. God calls special people for special assignments. Those whom God calls righteous can and should anticipate special visits from God.
  2. God answers the prayers of the righteous. His answers are always special and fulfill His divine plan. Be alert. Find a place to meet alone with God. His gifts are always greater than you deserve.
  3. Worship the Lord God with a grateful heart.
  4. Reverently accept your God-given responsibility.
  5. God surprises the innocent having a child-like submissive faith. God uses humble servants to accomplish His divine purpose. They are given insight beyond their individual situation; a broader perspective; a more complete picture of God’s will. [Mary]

We must believe and not question God’s promises to receive His special blessings. Unbelief will limit God’s blessings but not His love or His promises.

The humble, righteous, reverent, submissive, and thankful person will experience JOY only the Lord can give.

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