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3: Two Special Women with Two Special Babies are United in a Single Joy

May 13, 2009

Major Text: Luke 1:39-56

Key Verse: Luke 1:45


  1. Mary Visits Elizabeth and Receives a Blessing
  2. Mary Responds with a Song of Joy


Upon hearing of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, Mary sets out to visit her in the Judean hill country.  Elizabeth is 6 months along and Mary has just conceived by the Holy Spirit.  Elizabeth’s humility over her blessed son has given her reason to seek seclusion.  But she welcomes Mary, her cousin, with a song of blessing, not for her own baby but for Mary’s baby Jesus, the Son of God.  She gives honor to God for fulfilling His promise of a Messiah for His people.

Mary responds with her own song, praising God for what He has done.  Since Jesus is not yet born, her song is prophetic in nature, stating what is to be.  Mary stays with Elizabeth through the birth, circumcision and dedication of John.


Once again we see the blessings awarded to the humble coupled with the sovereignty and faithfulness of God.  The Holy Spirit has miraculous ways of bonding God’s servants in the Lord’s work.

What Mary expresses is what all Christians are to express:

  1. Praise to God.
  2. Rejoicing in God.
  3. Acknowledging His gift of salvation.
  4. Declaring God is holy.
  5. Declaring God is merciful.
  6. Declaring God is good.
    • The humble are lifted up.
    • The proud are brought down and scattered.
    • The hungry/poor are fed.
    • The rich go away hungry.
  7. Declaring God is faithful to Israel, fulfilling His promises.

God honors those who honor Him     I Sam 2:30

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