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12: Family Times

May 14, 2009

Major Text: John 2:1-12


  1. A Family Affair                                        John 2:1-3
  2. A Family Squabble                                  John 2:4-5
  3. A Family Miracle                                      John 2:6-10
  4. More Miracles                                           John 2:11
  5. A Family Trip                                            John 2:12


Jesus presumably arrives back in Nazareth while his followers go on to their homes in Capernaum and Bethsaida.  Jesus attends a wedding in Cana with his mother, brothers.  Joseph is no longer mentioned so we wonder if he has died.  We don’t know whose wedding this was but Jesus’ five original followers were evidently in attendance too.  It could well have been another of John’s disciples.

These wedding celebrations, which take place over many days, require much food and wine.  Thus, they run out of wine and Mary asks her son to do something about it.  Jesus doesn’t want to get involved but Mary tells the host to do as Jesus says anyway.  Evidently she knows of prior miracles done by Jesus and expects Him to save the host from any embarrassment.  So Jesus proceeds to change the water into wine, his first recorded public miracle.

Those that lived in Cana were people of faith and Jesus evidently did many miracles in that town.  No doubt this public miracle did much to solidify the faith of the five followers and assure them that switching their allegiance from John to Jesus was correct.  Jesus was indeed the Messiah as John had testified.

After the wedding is over, Mary, Jesus, his brothers, and the five disciples continue on to Capernaum.  Are they just going on a vacation; looking for a new home; or visiting their new friends?  We don’t know but we do know that Jesus is considering a home base for His ministry since Nazareth is unacceptable [as we shall see later].  Jerusalem was unacceptable too.  Both cities were too confrontational in nature for Him to have an effective ministry.


  1. More miracles happen in private than in public. They usually are one on one. It is a miracle whenever anyone meets the needs of another.
  2. Many miracles happen without one’s knowledge and are recognized after the fact.
  3. One’s attitude [faith] affects the willingness of God to initiate miracles, not necessarily one’s need.
  4. Take time to solidify friendships. Friends are important to our ministry. We need their support, understanding, and advice.
  5. Family and friends are important. Take time to do things as a family such as vacations, visiting friends, and attending another family’s special occasions.

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