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31: Jesus, the Author of life, Gives Life

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Luke 7:1-17

Harmony Texts:

Matthew 8:5-13           Luke 7:1-10


  1. A Servant Lives Luke 7:1-10
  2. An Only Son Lives Luke 7:11-17


Jesus returns to Capernaum, perhaps from giving the Sermon on the Mount or He could be returning from prayer or from teaching in another community. Jewish elders meet Him on behalf of a Roman Centurion, a friend of the Jews, to ask Him to come heal the Centurion’s servant. The Centurion probably lives in Tiberius, a city just south of Capernaum. When Jesus gets close to the city, He is met by more of the Centurion’s servants. Jesus is told that the Centurion feels unworthy to be in the presence of Jesus and if Jesus will just say the word, he has faith that his servant will be healed. Jesus commends the Centurion for his faith. Not only does the Centurion have faith but he has love and compassion for his fellow man, regardless of their position. In other words, he loves God and he loves his fellow man. He is a practitioner of the Law. He, no doubt, has seen and heard of Jesus’ miraculous healings and teaching and believes that Jesus is different, that He has a divine dimension and power, that He indeed is the Author of Life.

On another occasion Jesus meets a funeral procession at the gate to the city, Nain. Here a widow is burying her only son and is in great sorrow. The widow not only has lost her son but she has lost her hope for the future because the son who was in charge of her care is dead. Jesus, without prompting, goes up to the coffin and commands the young man to get up. This astounds the people. They praise God, call Him a great prophet, and news of Jesus’ miracles spread throughout Galilee.


  1. Jesus gives life now and in the future.
  2. Jesus always responds when asked. He is in the restoration business.
  3. Faith is rewarded with life; a real life example of a spiritual truth.
  4. Jesus gives hope [life] to those who have lost hope [life], responding to the needy in love and compassion without being asked.
  5. Jesus responds to those in need, a real life example of a spiritual truth.

Come to Jesus:

  • In Humility,
  • In Sorrow,
  • In Faith,
  • On behalf of friends,
  • On behalf of your superiors;


“Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

Matt. 11:28

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