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35: Decision Time

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Matthew 12:38-50

Harmony Texts:

Matt. 12:46-50   Mark 3:31-35  L uke 8:19-21


  1. A Divine Sign Matt. 12:38-42
  2. A Divine Truth Matt. 12:43-45
  3. A Divine Revelation Matt. 12:46-50


I continue to favor the concept that Lesson 34 and this lesson all took place at the same time. It just seems to flow and thus, make sense. After Jesus clarified who will enter the Kingdom of God and who will not, the Pharisees ask for an even greater miracle than Jesus had just performed.

Many think the Pharisees are asking for a sign to be given in the heavens. They have seen Jesus heal the sick and now they want to see Jesus do something miraculous in the heavens. Nevertheless, they are not satisfied and they want more. Jesus says they won’t receive that sign until they see the sign of Jonah, referring to His future death and resurrection. Basically Jesus is saying they have all the information they need to make a correct decision concerning who He is. If Nineveh could repent because of Jonah’s preaching and the Queen of Sheba listened to Solomon, they ought to be able see the Truth because He is greater than Jonah and wiser than Solomon.

Jesus proceeds to give a warning. One may repent but if it isn’t accompanied by a change in direction or a change in devotion, we are apt to return to our wicked ways to an even greater degree.

Now Jesus’ family arrives on the scene wanting to talk with Jesus and thus, calm the discussion. Jesus takes this opportunity to reveal that His real “mother and brothers” are those who follow Him. His “family” is bonded to Him in the Spirit, not the flesh. People in “His family” are obedient to the will of the Father.

So Jesus declares once again as to who is and who is not a member of the Kingdom of God.


  1. More information and more miracles will not bring faith. We all have been given enough information to make a correct decision. Do we believe what Jesus says? If not, we are worse off than those in Nineveh or the Queen of Sheba. If we place our faith in Jesus and follow Him, we will be saved. Decide to believe now and obey His will.
  2. True saving repentance is not to stop doing something evil but must be accompanied with a change in direction, a change in devotion, and doing good. Repent, believe, and obey His will.
  3. The members of God’s Kingdom are independent of blood relations and nationality. It is solely dependant on those who believe Jesus is the Son of God and obey His will.

Repent; Believe; Obey

There is no other way.

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