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38: A Memorable Journey to Visit Gentiles

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Luke 8:22-39

Harmony Texts:

Matt. 8:18, 23-27    Mark 4:35-41    Luke 8:22-35
Matt. 8:28-34            Mark 5:1-20      Luke 8:26-39


  1. Fearful Storm Luke 8:22-24a
  2. Calm Luke 8:24b-27
  3. Fearful Legion Luke 8:28-33
  4. Calm Luke 8:34-36
  5. Fearful People Luke 8: 37a
  6. Calm Luke 8:37b-39


Jesus and His disciples leave Capernaum in a boat and head southeast across the Sea of Galilee to the region of the Gerasenes [Gadarenes]. This region is part of a larger region called the Decopolis, a predominately Gentile region. This explains the large herds of pigs present.

While crossing the Sea, a large storm comes up and the waves come into the boat. The disciples wake up Jesus, probably to ask help bailing. He calms the storm and chastises the disciples for their lack of faith. [See my earlier comments on this Mark 4 passage.]

They arrive at the Gerasenes region and are met by a demon possessed man, a man of great strength, naked, and who lived among the tombs. He falls at Jesus’ feet and begs Jesus not to torture him. He addresses Jesus as the Son of the Most High God. He [Legion] does not want to be sent into the abyss so Jesus casts out all his demons into a herd of pigs. When the demons enter the pigs, they run into the lake and drown.

This news is reported in the town and the surrounding area so it was probably an overnight stay for Jesus. They people arrive and find the man they tried to keep in chains sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed and calm. After surveying the damage to their livelihood, they ask Jesus to leave instead of thanking Him. Their pigs were more valued than the man.

Legion wants to be a disciple and join the twelve. Jesus refuses and asks him to be His disciple to that region. This is an important decision because Jesus will return to this region later and His reception will be welcomed.


1. In a world of fear, Jesus brings calm.

2. Jesus has power over nature too.

3. Do you know Jesus? The demons do.

4. The saving of your livelihood is not as important as the saving of your soul.

5. Jesus meets you but does not force Himself on you. You have the choice to accept Him or reject Him. When you meet Jesus, do not send Him away. It may be your last opportunity to choose Him.

6. When in a fearful situation, call on Jesus. Do not send Him away. The disciples called. In a sense, Legion called. The people sent Him away.

7. When Jesus meets you, do not send Him away. Let Him send your sin away and then sit at His feet in obedience to Him.

8. Peace and purpose come to those who choose to follow Jesus.

9. Our mission on behalf of Jesus is to witness to our own kind, telling what God has done for us.

10. Minister in God’s will. Minister in the place of God’s will. Live in God’s will. Live in the place of God’s will. Do not minister where you are not wanted or accepted.

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