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39: Two Persons Reveal the Power of Faith

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Mark 5:21-43

Harmony Texts:

Matt. 19:18-26    Mark 5:21-43    Luke 8:40-56


  1. Jesus is Touched by Jarius’s Faith Mark 5:21-24
  2. Jesus is Touched by a Woman’s Faith Mark 5:25-31
  3. Jesus Encourages the Faith of the Woman Mark 5:32-34
  4. Jesus Encourages the Faith of Jarius Mark 5:35-39
  5. Jesus Touches the Daughter of Jarius Mark 5:40-43


Jesus returns to Capernaum and crowds gather to greet Him. Jarius, one of the Synagogue rulers, falls before Jesus and requests Him to come heal His daughter who is dying. This is somewhat ironic in that most of the Jewish religious leaders discounted Jesus claim to be the Son of God. But Jarius has no other alternative at the moment.

So Jesus and the crowd start toward the house of Jarius. A woman in the crowd gets herself into position to touch the garb of Jesus because she believes that small act will heal her of hemorrhaging. Jesus realizes He has been touched because He senses power has left Him and turns to see who touched Him. The woman, in fear, falls at Jesus’ feet and explains all. Jesus confirms what she has already experienced and tells her to go in peace, assured that her faith has given her life.

They continue on to the home of Jarius and are soon met by Jarius’ servants who relay the news that his daughter has died. Jesus takes this opportunity to reassure Jarius to continue believing. Jesus then takes only Peter, James, John, and Jarius with Him into the home. They, together with Jarius’s wife, enter the daughter’s room where Jesus touches the twelve year old girl’s hand and lifts her up to life. Another irony; Jews don’t touch dead bodies without becoming unclean. It appears that Jarius, a devout Jew, does not mention this. But, of course, Jarius’s daughter was no longer dead the moment Jesus touched her. So Jesus asks that they not share any of this information with anybody else. This is not the first person Jesus had raised from the dead but it had the potential to crowd out the real reason for Jesus coming to earth.


1. Faith in Jesus gives life now and forever. Jesus gives the gift of life now.

2. Life’s circumstances have the potential to get us to seek God for help.

3. Those who express faith get Jesus’ attention.

4. Jesus reaches out to those who reach out to Him. Jesus seeks out those who truly seek Him.

5. Seek Him before all else fails.

6. Jesus provides assurance of healing and gives peace in the best and worst of circumstances.

7. Faith must be present it we are to witness His miracle of life.

8. Jesus has the power over death and the power to resurrect life. If He can do it in Capernaum, He can do it for you. After all, He even did it on the cross.

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