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4: Tongues are Loosed

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Luke 1:57-80


  1. John is Born and Zechariah Speaks
  2. Zechariah Prophesies about John and Jesus
  3. John is Prepared for Ministry



Two principles come to mind in this story.  Obedience brings blessing upon blessing and God is in complete control of His plan.

John is born and Elizabeth’s neighbors rejoice.  They want her to name the child after Zechariah but she says his name will be John.  This name is confirmed in writing by Zechariah, whose tongue is then loosed in praise to God.  No doubt Zechariah said more than is recorded in scripture here about the special work and purpose of John.  I used the plural “tongues” in the title because the neighbors began talking about this baby too.  It was not just the mother and the father talking.

Zechariah then continues to praise God for another baby about to be born, Jesus, who is to redeem his people.  His own son John is to go ahead of Jesus preaching salvation and preparing the way.  Zechariah prophesies that John is to be a prophet.  Jesus will bring salvation and peace to His people.

John is not your ordinary son.  He was born in the Spirit [Luke 1:15], became strong in the Spirit, and spent much of his time in the desert [alone] until he was called to begin his ministry.


  1. Have you ever been so excited about an event that you couldn’t keep quiet? Our tongues should be loose in praise and thanksgiving for all to hear, if salvation in Christ has come into our hearts.
  2. Praise to God should always be on our lips. Our children need to recognize that they are God’s special gifts for His pleasure and purpose. This should not cause them to become arrogant but to be filled with thanksgiving.
  3. Our testimony concerning God’s goodness should always contain the elements of redemption, salvation, and mercy through Christ. We who place our trust in Him have been rescued to serve Him in holiness and righteousness without fear of persecution or death.
  4. Has God given you a vision to relay to you children? Do their talents and your vision match? If not, check your vision. Guide your children in their God-given talents. God gives every parent vision but it may not be as clear as Zachariah’s vision.
  5. Christ should always be more important than our children. We live for Christ. We don’t live for our children. We parent them, support them, teach them, and guide them but we don’t put them on a pedestal and claim them as our proud possession. They have been created by and for Christ first and foremost.
  6. Parental guidance is important but one’s real preparation always begins in the desert. Our children need time alone in prayer and in the scripture. As parents, we need to train and encourage them in this activity so it becomes a habit. It will be their primary source of strength when they leave home.


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