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41: On the Job Training

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Matthew 9:35 -11:1

Harmony Texts:

Matt. 9:35-38    Mark 6:6b

Matt. 10:1-42    Mark 6:7-11       Luke 9:1-5

Matt. 11:1           Mark 6:12-13    Luke 9:6


  1. The Problem Matt. 9:35-38
  2. The Solution Matt. 10:1-4
  3. The Objective Matt. 10::5-8
  4. The Means Matt. 10:9-15
  5. The Warning Matt. 10:16-18
  6. The Circumstances Matt. 10:19-23
  7. The Support Matt. 10:24-31
  8. The Result Matt. 10:32-11:1


We are now about halfway through Jesus’ three year ministry and He is beginning what many scholars consider to be His final campaign in the Galilee. This is a large passage and I have condensed it considerably because a similar passage will be discussed in a later lesson.

Jesus is obviously concerned that the work is too large for one man and it is time to call a “staff meeting”, give instructions along with added authority and send them out on the job. He has taught them verbally and showed them what ministry is all about. Now it is time for them to begin experiencing it for themselves. The passage is very clear and I have given a more detailed outline so I will go right to applications.


1. His work is a huge undertaking. We must be willing to work for Him and we must recruit for Him through prayer.

2. On the job training is important for building confidence. It is scary but it is necessary. Do not fear. We go with His name and with His authority.

3. Divide and conquer is a proven strategy. Involve others. Use teams. Jesus did. Business does. The successful church does. Look for such an approach when choosing a local church.

4. When ministering, focus on the objective. Ignore what you would consider “comforts”.

5. Don’t waste time with people who have little interest. Don’t over-stay your welcome and create undo animosity. In other words, present but don’t pressure.

6. Even so persecution and false accusations will come. Be truthful, forthcoming, honest, and transparent in all that you do.

7. Disharmony will be common among those to whom you minister. God promises to speak through us when hardship comes. Do not fear. Do not worry. Do not be concerned if you do not finish. God is in control of finishing. Just work; minister. [consider Moses]

8. We are to be Christ-like. We will be Christ-like. We will suffer just as He suffered. It is a sign of effectiveness. But Jesus has promised to speak to us at night about what we should do and say tomorrow. And He promises protection. Do not worry. Do not fear.

9. Some will accept Christ. Others will reject Him. Those who lose their life will find Life. Those who put aside self will follow Him. Some will find peace. Others will not. So go!

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