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44: Another Memorable Boat Ride

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Matthew 14:24-36

Harmony Texts:

Matt. 14:24-33      Mark 6:47-52      John 6:16-21
Matt. 14:34-36       Mark 6:53-56


  1. Jesus Comes to the Boat Matt. 14:14-27
  2. Peter Goes to Jesus Matt. 14:28-32
  3. The Disciples Worship Matt. 14:33-36


The feeding of the five thousand took place near the town of Bethsaida. Jesus sends His disciples on to Bethsaida according to Mark’s gospel. But John writes that they sailed off toward Capernaum. There are two possible explanations for this discrepancy. One is that there was a community of Bethsaida also near Capernaum. Many scholars believe this to be true but I haven’t learned why they favor this explanation. The other possibility is that they landed their boat east of Bethsaida. To return they would have to pass Bethsaida to get to Capernaum. I favor the later explanation.

It was around 6PM in the evening when the disciples get into the boat and start toward Capernaum. Jesus met them on the water between 3AM and 6AM the next day. So Jesus spent a minimum of six hours praying on the mountain.

The disciples are struggling against high winds and waves once again. The storm subsides as soon as Jesus gets into their boat. They land a Gennesaret, a small town south of Capernaum, and a crowd quickly assembles to greet them, bringing all their sick to Jesus for healing.


  1. Life will be a struggle without Christ at your side [in your boat].
  2. Jesus knows our fear and wants to replace it with Faith.
  3. Jesus will calm our fear, enabling us to do miraculous things.
  4. When Jesus arrives, let Him into your boat [heart] and worship Him.
  5. As Jesus’ disciples, we can never be too tired or too busy to have compassion for the needy.

May your Faith overcome your Fear

so that you can Worship Jesus, the Son of God

and have compassion for the needy!

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