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45: Jesus is the Bread of Life

May 14, 2009

Major Text: John 6:22-71


  1. Searching for the Wrong Reason John 6:22-31
  2. Searching for the Right Reason John 6:32-40
  3. Listen Closely John 6:41-59
  4. Declare Your Position John 6:60-71


These discussions take place the day after Jesus has fed 5000 men and their families at or near Bethsaida. Jesus and His disciples can not be located so the people go to Capernaum. They find Jesus there or at nearby Gennesaret and begin by asking Him when He arrived in that they did not see Him leave Bethsaida. He sees through their questions and begins talking to them about the true Bread of Life.

There is much dialogue here but it boils down to this:

  1. Who do you think Jesus is ? a good teacher, a prophet, or the Son of God sent from God?
  2. Do you accept what Jesus says as Truth or are you wanting to question the validity of His statements, His miracles?
  3. Is your faith in a religious belief system [cultural] or is it in a person, Jesus Christ?
  4. Do you believe Jesus is the only way to life eternal or do you think there are alternatives?
  5. Do you believe Jesus came from heaven or not?
  6. Are you interested intellectually or spiritually?
  7. Are you seeking so that you have an easier life on earth or do you really desire to meet God and live eternally with Him in heaven?

This is Jesus’ final campaign ministering in the Galilee. For those still seeking, it’s decision time. Are they drawn to Jesus because they saw Him heal the sick and give them bread or are they drawn to Jesus because they recognize He is from heaven and is the way to eternal life? God has brought them to this point. Now it is time to believe or to look elsewhere. Who is Jesus? Is He the Bread of Life or is He no different than you? Is He from God or not? Is His kingdom forever or is it just on earth? Unfortunately, most of these people decided Jesus was not for them.

John 6:52-59 forms the basis for the Doctrine of Transubstantiation for Communion. Catholics, along with the Eastern Orthodox, take this position. Most Protestants do not. There is good cause for such a position if you interpret these verses literally. However, Jesus is speaking in metaphors throughout this text. It isn’t important what your belief is about Communion. However it is important what you believe concerning Jesus Christ. He clearly points out that we can accept Him or reject Him. Acceptance leads to forgiveness of sin and eternal life.


  1. Declare your position. Are you searching for today or for eternity.
  2. Jesus is the Bread of Life for today and for tomorrow. Place your faith in Jesus and receive the Bread of Life.
  3. One either comes to Jesus in belief or leaves Jesus in unbelief. We will either believe He is God or betray Him as man.

Come, Believe, and Receive Eternal Life

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