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59: Darkness and Light

May 14, 2009

Major Text: John 8:1-20

Outline: I

  1. The Darkness of the Woman and Her Accusers John 8:1-8
  2. The Light of the World John 8:9-12
  3. The Darkness is Blinded by the Light John 8:13-20

Context/Discussion/ Comments:

The Feast of Tabernacles is over and Jesus is sticking around Jerusalem a few more days to teach. You will note that He went to the Mount of Olives between Lesson 58 and 59. This area, I believe, is where many of the pilgrims stayed. It was a campground for those who could not get or could not afford a hotel room. The area is very close to the Temple Mount where most of the festivities would be held; about a half mile walk across the Kidron Valley.

Jesus is teaching in the Temple courtyard and the Pharisees and Scribes bring Jesus a woman who was caught in adultery. They are trying to trick Jesus into saying something false, knowing Jesus to be very compassionate. They ask Jesus if He would agree to their Law which required the woman to be stoned. Jesus begins writing in the ground while the Pharisees continue questioning Jesus and accusing the woman. Some have speculated that Jesus was writing the sins of the people and the Pharisees, approving their casting of stones if they had not sinned. Jesus’ question cuts through their darkness and they slowly go away, including the crowd. This enables Jesus to talk to the woman personally, showing her His grace and mercy.

Jesus continues teaching in the temple. It could have been in the afternoon, assuming the incident with the woman was in the morning, or it could have been another day. He declares He is the Light of the world. Again the Pharisees are present to challenge His statements saying Jesus needs to have witnesses if He is to make such bold proclamations. Jesus explains that He knows where He came from and to where He is going. The Pharisees can explain neither. Therefore, He needs no further validation. He goes on to say that He knows the Father, His second witness. The Pharisees don’t understand what Jesus is saying because they refuse to believe the obvious, Jesus is the Son of God, the long expected Messiah. They are blinded by the Light, Jesus Christ.


  1. There is truth to Paul’s statement in Romans 3:23 “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. No one is righteous; not the Pharisees, not the Scribes, not the woman, and not you and I.
  2. Jesus offer grace and mercy instead of condemnation. Accept His loving gift and leave your life of sin to follow Him.
  3. Be willing to accept the most obvious solution to what you see, hear, and observe. Jesus is indeed the Christ, the Light of the World.
  4. Be careful. Earthly knowledge can blind us from heavenly Truth.

Out of the Grace of God flows the Mercy of God,

Out of the Mercy of God flows the Forgiveness of God,

Out of the Forgiveness of God flows the Love of God,

Out of the Love of God flows the Light of God [Jesus],

Out of the Light of God flows the Hope of God.

Such is His Promise of Living Water!

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