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6: The First 60 Days in the Life of Jesus

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Luke 2:21-39


  1. Circumcised and Named                          Luke 2:21
  2. Confirmed as Savior of All                      Luke 2:22-38
  3. Consecration Completed                         Luke 2:39


Jesus is circumcised in Bethlehem eight days after He was born.  It appears the family stayed in Bethlehem until after Jesus was brought to the Temple in Jerusalem for His dedication 41 days after His birth [See Lev. 12].  Then it is thought that they returned to Nazareth [vs. 39], picked up their possessions, and returned to live in Bethlehem. The Magi come and worship Him in Bethlehem and it is from Bethlehem that they flee to Egypt prior to the death decree issued by Herod.

There are at least three major themes in this scripture passage.

  1. The Lord is unfolding and fulfilling His promise to all.
  2. His Divine Purpose is being announced to all who would listen.
  3. It is important that children be presented and given back to the Lord.

Jesus is named per instructions from the angel Gabriel and later taken to Jerusalem for His dedication.  They meet Simeon in the temple courtyard.  When he sees the couple with the baby Jesus he knows he sees the Messiah as revealed to him by the Holy Spirit.  He takes the baby in his arms, praises God, and announces to all who would listen that this is their Messiah for both the Jews and the gentiles. Simeon prophesies that Jesus will be both a blessing [to those who believe] and a curse [to those who will not believe].  He will reveal good and evil and they will be grieved [His crucifixion]. This scene is repeated again when they meet up with Anna who is also in the courtyard worshipping.  So we have two known righteous people of integrity [a man and a woman; two independent witnesses] testifying as to who Jesus is to all who would listen.  Thus ends Jesus’ formal consecration; being set apart for His chosen work on earth.


  1. Seek God when picking names for your children and bring them before the Lord to set them apart to do the will of God. That is our responsibility as parents.
  2. Confirming your children as to who they are and what they are to become begins immediately. Such confirmation is revealed to the devout and righteous.
  3. Do not deny others the opportunity to be involved or to interface in the lives of your children.
  4. Teach your children their purpose as revealed by God and help develop their talents. Enable them to develop according to God’s will; not their will or our will.
  5. Consecration is complete when a person is set apart for a special purpose and when that ministry is validated by two witnesses followed by thanksgiving and praise to God.

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