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60: The Great Debate

May 14, 2009

Major Text: John 8:21-59


  1. Jesus Teaches about who He is. John 8:21-29
  2. Jesus Promises Freedom John 8:30-38
  3. Jesus teaches about who “They” are. John 8:39-48
  4. Jesus Promises Eternal Life John 8:49-59


This is one of the times Jesus is very clear in telling the people who He is, what will happen to Him, and what will happen to them if they choose to believe or choose not to believe. These Jews probably were Saducees because many evidently did not believe in a resurrection or a life after death.

Jesus teaches about who He is:

  • He is from God
  • He is God’s mouthpiece
  • He is judge of mankind

Jesus promises freedom:

  • Freedom from sin
  • Freedom to obey
  • Freedom to join God’s family

Jesus teaches about who “they” are:

  • They are not Abraham’s children
  • They do not follow God
  • They do not love Jesus
  • They refuse to believe God
  • They do not follow God

Jesus promises eternal life:

  • Eternal life is available to those who believe
  • Eternal life is available to those who know God
Jesus says:
The Jews say:
He is leaving but they can’t come because of their sin. He is going to kill himself
He is from heaven and they are from earth. He will be their
judge. He is here to tell them what God says and to do what God says.
Who is Jesus?
Obey my teaching and be set free. They are slaves to sin but
can be set free.
We are not slaves. We belong to Abraham.
They belong to their father, not to God or to Abraham. We are not illegitimate children. We follow God.
If you follow God, you would love Me. You refuse to believe
and prefer to follow your father, Satan.
You are a Samaritan; demon-possessed.
He honors God the Father. All who believe Him will have eternal
We don’t believe in life after death.
He will be glorified by the Father who they do not know. He
knows Abraham and was alive before he was born. 1. He is going to kill himself.
You are too young to have known Abraham.

Some chose to believe Jesus. Most chose to stone Him.

What choice have you made?


1. Acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God who speaks for God.

2. Acknowledge that Jesus is able to forgive us our sins, encourage us to obey His Word, and to adopt us as sons into His family.

3. Love Jesus, follow Jesus, believe Jesus and accept His gift of eternal life.

4. Do not agree with the reasoning of hard-hearted people. Failure to acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God results in condemnation before His throne and eternal death.

5. Walk away from your stones and place your trust in the Foundation Stone, the Capstone, the Rock of our salvation, Jesus Christ.

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