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61: Blindness; Physical and Spiritual

May 14, 2009

Major Text: John 9:1-41


  1. Healed by a “man”? John 9:1-7
  2. Healed by a “prophet”? John 9:8-23
  3. Healed by a “sinner”? No! John 9:24-34
  4. Healed by the Son of Man? Yes! John 9:35-41


Jesus is believed to still be ministering in Jerusalem after observing the Feast of the Tabernacles. Jesus and His disciples meet a blind man while walking on the Sabbath. Interestingly, the only recorded conversation initially is between Jesus and His disciples explaining that the man is blind so God has an opportunity to display His power.

There are two interesting parallels here. The blind man who was healed goes from calling Jesus a man to a prophet to deciding to become a disciple of Jesus to recognizing Jesus as the Son of Man. That is the focus of the Outline chosen. However, an alternative outline from another perspective would be:

  1. Jesus meets and heals a blind man just as He meets and heals us.
  2. Our healing [physical or spiritual] will be confirmed by those who know us best.
  3. The Pharisees reject the one who was healed and the One who healed.
  4. Our Lord accepts the blind who see and rejects those who see but are blind.


1. God is Sovereign and involved in the lives of all His creation. Don’t limit what God can and will do. Praise Him for His miracles in our lives. Give glory to the Miracle Worker, God, instead of rejecting what has happened.

2. Recognize that God can and will use any infirmity you have for His Glory. Be willing and obedient to Him. After all, He is your Creator.

3. Give glory to God for all He is doing. Be thankful and praise Him.

4. We are all created for the same purpose…..that we come in contact with God. A simple act of obedience sets us on a memorable journey to meet Him face to face.

5. Others will notice the change in we who believe in Jesus. It can not be denied. Tell the simple truth…..we were blind but now we see.

6. Do not be disheartened when those we respect the most refuse to accept what has happened and refuse to accept the One who has changed us. We are to live assured in our miraculous “healing”, our miraculous transformation.

7. Don’t let your intellect or religion blind you to the real work of God. God is in the restoration business, He restores sight to the blind, gives faith to the faithless, saves the sinner, slaves become sons, light replaces darkness, fools become wise, and believers have fellowship with God forever.

8. Acknowledge Him before man and worship Jesus Christ, God Incarnate.

9. Regardless of how good one might be, a person who has allowed God to heal them, to be truly “born again”, will know they have been “healed”, transformed. We begin seeing things from a different perspective, God’s perspective. We see things in a different light, His Light. We are no longer blind. Now we see; we begin to see Him face to face.

10. Look at the miracles around you and believe. Remove your man-made barriers and see God working in the lives of others. Acknowledge Him and let Him work a miracle in your life too.

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