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63: Ministry Lab 072

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Luke 10:1-24

Key Verses: Luke 10:22-23


  1. Jesus Commissions the Seventy-Two Luke 10:1-16
  2. Jesus Debriefs the Seventy-Two Luke 10:17-20
  3. Jesus Gives Thanks Luke 10:21-24


It is believed that Jesus commissioned these 72 disciples to go ahead of Him into towns in Judea or Perea. Some manuscripts say 70 were commissioned, not 72. About a year earlier Jesus commissioned His Twelve disciples with the same instructions [see Luke 9 and Matthew 10], sending them into towns in Galilee. Many of the words spoken by Jesus here are recorded in other instances when He was teaching. Repetition is necessary in making sure people understand, comprehend, and recognize the importance of what is being said. [See Lesson 64 for additional thoughts on the context.]

We don’t know who were among the 72 being sent. Some could have been husband and wife teams. Perhaps the blind man who was recently healed was among them; Nicodemus perhaps; Lazarus; most likely the twelve were sent again. They are sent out to prepare the way for Jesus saying the Kingdom of God is near and to greet the people with “peace”. “Peace” returned indicated a willingness to hear more about Jesus and an acceptance of His ministry.

There are several “P” words that pop out in this passage. In Section I the seventy-two are sent with His Presence and with His Program. In Section II we see that they also had His Power. We have the same available to us as stated in Matthew 28 in the Great Commission. In the last section Jesus expresses His Pleasure, Praise, and “Pride” because they passed the test.

In verses 1-24, Jesus sends them out with specific instructions and information. In verses 17-20, Jesus puts their success in perspective via specific instructions and information. In verses 21-24, Jesus continues to instruct and provide information while praising His God, His Father. See the chart compiled on the next page to review all Jesus’ instructions and information contained in this passage.


1. Accept Jesus and His claims, avoid judgment and experience joy.

2. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Do you see the great harvest or the few workers? Be an optimist and solve the worker issue. Serve Him. Don’t be left out. Volunteer.

3. Be an extension of the Lord’s ministry. Consider a three-legged stool with the legs being God the Father, His Son Jesus, and us [disciples] all connected together by the seating surface, the Holy Spirit. We can not minister without being connected to Jesus and to God through the Holy Spirit.

4. Minister. Bring the gift of Joy to those you minister to, to Jesus, and to yourself. Follow-up with praise and thanksgiving to God.

5. Recognize and acknowledge His great power when ministering on behalf of Christ.

6. Follow Jesus’ instructions in ministry and experience Joy. Share your experiences in His ministry with others who minister for Jesus.

Instructions and Information for Ministry

I. Jesus commissions the Seventy-two

1. Go with a buddy. [vs.1,3]2. Ask for more workers. [vs. 2]

3. Don’t take much of anything with you. [vs.4]

4. Do not get sidetracked. [vs. 4]

5. Grant peace to see if they have a soft heart for God. [vs. 5]

6. Work for your keep. [vs.7]

7. Heal the sick. [vs. 9]

8. Preach the Kingdom. [vs. 9]

9. Don’t stick around if not wanted. [vs. 11]

1. You are going ahead of me. [vs. 1]2. The harvest is large. [vs. 2]

3. There are few workers. [vs. 2]

4. You are lambs among wolves. [vs. 3]

5. Judgment will come to those who refuse to listen or accept your message.
[vs. 13]

6. If they listen to you, they are listening to me. In other words, you
are an extension of Me, the Lord. [vs. 16]

II. Jesus Debriefs the Seventy-two

1. Don’t let success go to your head. [vs. 20]

2. Rejoice in your salvation. [vs. 20]

1. I Am from the beginning, the Lord God Almighty. [vs. 18]

2. I provided the power for you. [vs. 19]

3. You will not be harmed. [vs. 19]

III. Jesus Expresses Thanks

1. God’s plans focus on the common people, like you, because they are
receptive. [vs. 20]

2. I am in control. [vs.22]

3. The harvest is mine to know. [vs. 22]

4. The Father is pleased with you and with the results. [vs. 23]

5. You are blessed. [vs. 23]


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