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66: Same Questions – Same Admonitions

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Luke 11:14-36

Key Verses: Luke 11:23,28


  1. Change Your Belief Luke 11:14-23
  2. Change Your Thinking Luke 11:24-26
  3. Change Your Life Luke 11:27-36


A similar dialogue is believed to have taken place about a year earlier in Galilee [see Lessons 34 and 35]. The healing in Matthew 12 was a blind and dumb man. Here Luke only mentions that the man can not speak. Luke, being a medical man, is not likely to have missed the fact that the man was blind. The events before and after these similar dialogues is also different. The gospels are not chronological in nature but they aren’t all mixed up either. There is no good reason why this event can not be both similar and different. Life is déjà vu. The same situation exists in the next lesson, the pronouncements against the Pharisees. Another similar but separate incident is Jesus tossing out the money changers from the Temple.

Jesus heals a demon-possessed man who can not speak. The people are amazed. Others claim He is able to do this because He himself is demon-possessed by Beelzebub. And others want more evidence via a heavenly sign. Jesus, who knows their thoughts, asks them to use their brains. A house divided can not stand. If your leaders claim the same powers, under what power are they doing it and in whose name are they doing it? What they propose doesn’t make sense. Jesus continues to warn them that once an evil spirit has left, it desires to return in even greater force. The question that isn’t asked is how can we prevent that from happening?

A woman in the audience breaks up the discussion by blessing Jesus’ mother. Jesus doesn’t disagree but does counter her proclamation saying that those who hear the Word [Jesus] and obey it [my commands] are truly blessed. What Jesus is able to do is not because of His mother but because of His Father.

The crowd grows in number and Jesus begins to address their request for a sign. He points out that their generation is wicked. The only sign they will get is like that of Jonah. Jonah preached repentance and Nineveh repented. They refuse to repent.

He closes His teaching by saying they need the Light and it needs to shine forth brightly.


1. Use your God given power to reason and to think straight. Do not make excuses; make correct choices. We either accept Jesus is the Son of God or we reject Him as such.

2. Jesus is not great because of His mother. Jesus is great because of His Father. “This is my Son whom I love. Listen to Him.” Hear the Word and obey!

3. Jesus preaches repentance to a wicked generation as did Jonah. We too are to preach repentance to our wicked generation. Let your Light within [Holy Spirit] shine forth in the darkness [world] so that men may believe Jesus is the Christ.

4. Let us accept what we have been told, what we have been shown, what we have read in His Word, and let our Light shine. A brightly shining Light prevents the return of the Evil One.

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