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7: Follow the Star and then Follow Jesus

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Matt. 2:1-18


  1. The Magi Come and Worship                  Matt. 2:1-12
  2. Jesus Flees to Egypt                                 Matt. 2:13-15
  3. Herod Kills Innocent Children                 Matt. 2:16-18



This is more or less a repeat look into the Magi’s visit plus the events that followed.  We learn that the gentile astrologers were more in tune with God’s revelation concerning the Messiah than were the Jewish religious leaders.

God instructed the Magi not to return to Herod because Herod was jealous and concerned about the people’s potential to rise up against him.  He was a very insecure ruler.

The Jewish religious leaders knew the prophesies concerning Messiah but they had less interest in finding Jesus than did Herod.  They were proud, powerful, and influential.  They did not want outside interference, not even from their Messiah.

Joseph is forced to take his family to Egypt in order to save the life of Jesus.  This fulfilled Jeremiah’s prophecy.



  1. One must be humble to hear and see real truth. The Magi were humble. Herod and the Jewish leaders were proud, not humble. The Magi saw the Light. Herod and the religious leaders were in darkness.
  2. Who takes priority in our lives? Is it me or Jesus Christ? Are we guilty of pushing Christ out of our lives? Have we heard, have we seen, are we worshipping the King, Jesus? Let us submit in worship and obedience to the King of Kings.
  3. Define the stars [incidents] in your life that have pointed to Jesus. We have many. Remember the light [successes, solutions, blessings, comfort, assurances, etc.] given off in your darkness [times of distress and trouble]. Now thank God for His love, His mercy, and His grace.
  4. In true justice, the end never justifies the means. That is; Jesus having to escape to Egypt to fulfill Jeremiah’s prophecy does not justify Herod’s decree to kill all the children less than two years of age in the area of Bethlehem.

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