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70: A Quick Glimpse of What’s Coming

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Luke 12:35-59

Outline: I

  1. Responsible Servants Luke 12:35-40
  2. Responsible Overseers Luke 12:41-53
  3. Responsible Decisions Luke 12:54-59


This is a continuation of what I have been calling The Sermon in the Amphitheater. Jesus abruptly changes subjects from warning against hypocrisy and greed to discussing His return which is preceded by division. Jesus is just giving a glimpse of what is coming; no details. Details will be covered later.

Peter wants to know if these parables are for the disciples or for the crowd. This is an honest question in that Jesus is speaking to His disciples personally but includes the crowd in His teaching. Peter’s question is not answered directly but we are led to believe that Jesus answers Peter’s question by speaking to them indirectly.

The disciples are about six months away from being left alone and awaiting Christ’s return. They will be both servants and overseers of servants [Pastors]. They are to be ready to receive Christ upon His return and they are to make sure Christ’s other servants are ready too. They are responsible for being patient and not losing heart prior to Christ’s return. They are responsible for correct teaching, correct training, a strong faith, and for keeping hope alive. Servants do not get a vacation form serving their Master, Jesus Christ. A good servant is always on the job.

The last section has to do with making a correct responsible decision. It probably best fits with the next Lesson as the lead in for Christ’s statement “repent or perish”.

When Jesus speaks in these parables, He refers to Himself in very different terms; terms that we are not necessarily comfortable with. In addition to being referred to as Master, Jesus refers to Himself as:

  1. The thief in verse 39.
  2. The one who causes divisions in verse 51.
  3. The adversary in verse 57.


  1. Responsible disciples are believers who are responsible servants, working on behalf of His Kingdom until Jesus returns. Truly committed servants serve continually.
  2. Responsible overseers are Pastors who continually teach, discipline, encourage, and motivate all to serve, to have faith, to have hope, and to have patience as they lovingly serve their Master, the Lord Jesus Christ, until He comes again. This added responsibility also includes heads of households [husbands] and other appointed teachers and leaders. All are to take our responsibility to our Lord seriously.
  3. Do not continue in an adversarial relationship with Jesus Christ. Seek reconciliation and avoid Hell. That is, reconcile with your adversary before you get to the Judge [God].

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