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74: Jesus Begins His Ministry in Perea

May 14, 2009

Major Text: John 10:40-42; Luke 13:22-35


  1. Jesus’ Acceptance John 10:40-42
  2. The People’s Concerns Luke 13:22-30
  3. The Pharisee’s Concerns Luke 13:31-35


Jesus leaves Jerusalem and travels to Perea on the east side of the Jordan River, ministering in that area until His crucifixion. Jesus’ ministry was welcomed by the people. They remembered the words of John the Baptist [and perhaps some of the 72 who were sent out] so many recognized and believed Jesus was the Christ as He ministered among them.

The people raised concerns as to who would be saved. Perhaps they were still focused on Jesus becoming King and defeating the Romans. Jesus tells them the way to salvation is through a narrow door [Him]. Many who think they deserve salvation will be denied entry. They know of Jesus but they do not KNOW Jesus. Jesus is on their mind but not in their heart. They are unwilling to make a commitment to follow Him. People were no different then than they are today..

Jesus gives us an interesting picture. Those denied entry were given a glimpse of heaven, the great wedding feast, as they were ushered to a different place [Hell]. They also saw others entering and they weren’t necessarily Jews. Jesus prophesies that the first shall be last [ the Jews will be last to recognize Jesus is the Christ] and the last shall be first [Gentiles will be more receptive to the Gospel].

The Pharisees do not confront Jesus but try to coerce Him into leaving the area by saying that Herod Antipas, who was over Galilee and Perea, wanted to kill Him. Jesus doesn’t bite, knowing Jerusalem is where prophets are killed. Again, we see Him prophesying that He will go to Jerusalem but only when the people acknowledge Him as King. This refers to His triumphant entry we Christians call Palm Sunday.


1. Know the Lord. Don’t just know about Him.

2. The preparation for one’s ministry is as important as the ministry itself. Preparation is required for success.

3. Salvation is found in Christ, not in our culture. Those closest to the truth can be the least likely to accept the truth. All peoples will be represented in God’s Kingdom.

4. Understand what belief in Jesus Christ means or you will be left outside. See previous sheet between Lesson 73 and this Lesson.

5. Resistance to ministry can be open or hidden. Know the Lord’s will and do not deviate. Be more concerned about people’s eternal life and less concerned about your physical life.

6. Beware of false information designed to change your ministry’s focus.

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