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75: Dinner with Jesus

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Luke 14:1-24

Key Verse: Luke 14:11


  1. Dinner’s Purpose Luke 14:1-6
  2. Dinner’s Seating Luke 14:7-11
  3. Dinner’s Guests Luke 14:12-14
  4. Dinners RSVP’s Luke 14:15-24


Jesus is invited to the home of a Pharisee for dinner. If this dinner were to be held in Judea, it would have been much more confrontational [see Lesson 67]. A man with dropsy is present and Jesus asks His host if it is OK to heal on the Sabbath. In times past Jesus was criticized for healing on the Sabbath. It didn’t stop Him then and it won’t stop Him now. The Pharisee remains silent, non-committal, probably recognizing and agonizing over what their law said and what’s right. Jesus explains why it is acceptable and heals the individual. Then the dinner conversation changes to dinners; seating protocol, guest invitations, and the great wedding feast with the Messiah. Jesus probably wasn’t the guest of honor at this meal. Consider the following truths regarding this story.

  1. The dinner’s purpose shows forth the compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. The discussion about seating shows the importance of being humble.
  3. The discussion concerning guests defines what love should look like.
  4. The discussion concerning the invited guests who would not RSVP compared to those who did not receive the first invitation shows forth the grace of God.


  1. Helping our fellow man takes priority over our livelihood.
  2. State your justification to avoid ridicule when helping others.
  3. God’s power is not limited by man’s rules.
  4. Notice your fellowman’s unique gifts and talents and ask them to take a higher seat and be recognized.
  5. Be humble in accepting your fellowman’s commendations.
  6. Be humble and place the Lord at the head of your table [life].
  7. Help someone to his feet; be a benefactor instead of a beneficiary.
  8. Be hospitable to the less fortunate, the less spiritual, the less educated etc.
  9. Ignore the excuses and reach out in obedience.

If we:

  • Help our fellow man, [Section I]
  • Commend, praise, and motivate our fellow man, [Section II]
  • Love our fellow man. [Section III]

We can:

  • Invite our fellow man. [Section IV]

Risk Reaching Out.

Humble Hospitality Helps Humans enter Heaven.

Accept Your Invitation to the King’s Banquet.

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