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78: Handle Your Wealth Wisely

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Luke 16:1-13


  1. The Story Luke 16:1-8
  2. The Lesson Luke 16:9-13


Jesus tells a story about a rich man who must fire his manager because he has been mishandling the rich man’s possessions. It would appear the manager was charging higher than normal interest on debts and pocketing the difference. The manager was dishonest in his dealings with the debtors and his boss. Word got out and the reputation of the rich man was being tarnished. He had no choice but to fire his manager. The manager, understanding his reputation was in the process of being tarnished, decides to do what he can to correct his image. In fact he enhances it by giving significant reductions in debt. In so doing, he does much to correct his image and that of his boss, the rich man.

Jesus tells the story to point out two key character traits for His disciples. They are:

  1. Always be honest and trustworthy in handling your possessions and the possessions of somebody else.
  2. You can not serve God and money so serve God and use your wealth wisely.

Jesus is not only speaking of earthly wealth but of spiritual wealth [see Ephesians 1-3].


  1. We are to be honest and trustworthy with our money, using it for good, sharing it with others, and using it to “buy influence” so we can spread the Gospel and lay up treasure in heaven.
  2. We are to use our wealth on earth in ways such that the interest is deposited in heaven. Being honest and trustworthy on earth leads to acceptance on earth and treasure in heaven.
  3. We are to be honest and trustworthy with our money. We are also to be honest and trustworthy with the riches we have been given in Christ. We are to be humble, not proud. We are to share, not hoard God’s gift of Grace and Salvation. We are to be honest and trustworthy in our handling of the Word of God.
  4. Start small and prove your honesty and trustworthiness. Then God will bless with more wealth and more responsibility with His Ministry.
  5. Ministry takes priority over wealth. Use your wealth to promote and expand the Lord’s ministry. Jesus Christ is the Lord God. Money/wealth is just a tool to use wisely for building His Kingdom.
  6. Handle your wealth wisely. Do not let it handle you.

Honesty and Trustworthiness;

Two Key Traits of Jesus’ Disciples.

Practice Them!

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