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82: The Kingdom of God, Now and to Come

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Luke 17:11-37


  1. His Kingdom Now Luke 17:11-21
  2. His Kingdom to Come Luke 17:22-37


Jesus is on His way from Bethany to Jerusalem, a total of two miles. But, as we saw in the last Lesson, Jesus was forced north to Ephraim and is now at the border between Samaria and Galilee, eventually ending up in Perea to finish His ministry there before heading west to Jerusalem.

Jesus heals ten lepers who call out to Him as Master. Ten are healed but only one returned to give thanks. Ten are healed physically but only one is completely healed, physically and spiritually. Jesus explains that His Kingdom resides within a person and does not have boundaries.

Jesus continues to teach His disciples about His Kingdom which is to come. People will say that the Christ has come but we are not to believe them because He will come with great brilliance in the sky and all will be able to recognize who He is. When He comes, most people will be making merry just like they did in the time of Noah before the flood and just like they did in Sodom when Lot was rescued. He will return when mankind is at it’s lowest ebb and nothing will save mankind except the return of Jesus to rule and make things right.

It is not unusual for Christians to consider verses 34-35 as the Rapture. But in context, it refers to the destruction that comes at the end of the age, after the millennial reign of Christ. In general, the sequence of events is as follows:

  1. Believers are raptured to be with Christ anytime up until God’s wrath is poured out on the nations for warring against His Children, Israel. [There are many views concerning the rapture.]
  2. Christ returns with great brightness to defeat the enemies of God and save Israel.
  3. Christ cleanses the earth and sets up His physical Kingdom, reigning from the Temple in Jerusalem for 1000 years.
  4. Satan, who has been bound for those 1000 years, is loosed and again makes war against God and His Children.
  5. God has no choice but to quell the rebellion by destroying His enemies, placing them in Hell forever.
  6. God destroys the existing heaven and earth and creates a new heaven and earth for all who have placed their faith and trust in Jesus as Lord, Savior, and God Almighty.


  1. Choose Him today. Tomorrow may be too late.
  2. Remember to thank Him, praise Him, and worship Him because He has saved you from eternal destruction and given you eternal life.
  3. The Kingdom of God today resides in a person through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It resides in a person who acknowledges Jesus as Lord and Savior, who’s heart is filled with thanksgiving and praise to God; a person who takes time to bow and worship the One who heals completely.
  4. The Kingdom of God today resides along side the kingdoms of this world [Satan’s].
  5. The Kingdom of God to come will be separated from the kingdoms of this world [Satan] and the kingdom of this world will be destroyed.
  6. When Christ comes again, there will be no further opportunity given to change one’s allegiance. We can not hide from or flee from the choices we have made. We are either His or Satan’s for eternity when He comes.
  7. God is love, merciful, and patient. But He is also Judge of our hearts. He judged the world during the time of Noah. He judged Sodom during the time of Lot. So He will judge the whole world again when He returns. God keep His promises.
  8. We can expect and anticipate the Lord’s return anytime. But don’t be fooled by false christ’s. The true Christ Jesus will light up the sky for all to see when He returns. Then there will be no question as to who He is as there is today.
  9. We must let go of our life and grab on to His life.

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