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85: Leadership and Love in a Positive Role Model

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Mark 10:13-16

Harmony Texts:

Matt. 19:13-15      Mark 10:13-16      Luke 18:15-17

Key Verse: Mark 10:14


  1. People Bring their Children Mark 10:13
  2. Jesus Instructs the People Mark 10:14-15
  3. Jesus Blesses the Children Mark 10:176


This story comes to us while Jesus is ministering in Perea. It is recorded in all three synoptic Gospels. It is part of a series of discussions regarding family values. The last Lesson had to do with marriage and divorce. This Lesson has to do with children. Simply stated, Jesus loves the little children.

People bring their children to Jesus so He can touch them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuke those who brought their children thinking they are disrupting the teaching of Jesus. Jesus was indignant with His disciples, intervening saying that the children should come unhindered because the Kingdom of God belongs to them. In other words, we must receive the Kingdom of God as a little child. Jesus is shown taking the children in His arms, placing His hands on them and blessing them.

This is practiced today in many churches. It is called dedicating one’s child to the Lord. It is the same as was practiced by Samuel’s mother, Hannah. Both John the Baptist and Jesus were also taken to the temple for dedication by the Priests. In this case, the parents are taking their children to Jesus, our Great High Priest [see Hebrews].

In essence, we see five different aspects happening in this scripture. Jesus touches the children and prays for them. Jesus expresses indignation to His disciples for trying to prevent them from coming. In turn, Jesus encourages the parents to continue to come and bring their children to Him. And lastly, He blesses them.

One’s role is important. As parents we are to bring our children to Him. We are not to hinder them in any way. He loves us and wants what is best for us.

God’s blessing upon you is important. He wants you to come too and hear your own special blessing. Consider how God would bless you personally if you were sitting in His lap as a little child. He would most likely include positives/gifts you have and also warn you about weaknesses which could derail your faith. I think mine would go something like this:

I have blessed you with the gift of discernment and given you a strong desire to seek and to know Truth. You will be a man of integrity, using these gifts to ward off the Evil One, particularly with respect to selfishness and envy. You may stumble but you will not fall.


  1. True leadership is expressed by understanding your role, knowing your blessing, and in love, using them to make a difference.
  2. A macho image is a stumbling block to anyone wanting to receive the Kingdom. Exclusion is contrary to God’s purpose.
  3. When one comes to Jesus, one always receives more than he/she expected. Jesus is a true loving God and Father. His blessings are more than any pastor or other person can give. He can heal our souls and our bodies. He can make us like Him.
  4. Reach out to the little children in the same way Jesus did. Bless them. Let them know they are special. Let them know they are special to God. Let them know that He wants them as His children too.
  5. Come to Jesus. Come to Jesus as a little child. He wants to touch you.

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