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87: Policies Governing the Lord’s Kingdom

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Matthew 20:1-16


  1. The Lord’s Policy for Hiring Matt. 20:1-7
  2. The Lord’s Policy for Wages Matt. 20:8-12
  3. The Lord’s Policy of Justice Matt. 20:13-16


Jesus tells a parable defining the policies concerning His Kingdom. He is the landlord. “Born again” believers are the hired workers and the vineyard represents His Kingdom. Fortunately, this is a parable with a clear message. The important lesson for us is that we choose to become members of God’s Kingdom. The time we are members is irrelevant. “Seniority” is not a subject of His policies governing His Kingdom. We see that the owner of the Kingdom, Jesus Christ, continually searches for Kingdom workers for “the workers are few but the harvest is great”. All who want to be a part of His Kingdom are called to work in the Kingdom. No one is turned away.

The Lord’s personnel policies are different than what we experience on earth. The workers are rewarded because they chose to become members of His Kingdom, working in the vineyard. The amount of time one spends working in His Kingdom [vineyard] has nothing to do with the amount of wages [reward] we receive. The blessings [wages, inheritance] we have in Christ Jesus are the same for all regardless of how long we have belonged to Him. His blessings are so great, greater than our expectations, that we will not be concerned about who gets what. [This is a truth not necessarily reflected in this parable]

Again we learn the first will be last and the last first. It’s His way of saying in a general way that the gentiles [last to hear the gospel] will believe before the Jews [the first to hear the gospel]. It is perhaps an indicator that the raptured Church will be predominately gentile where as most of the Jews will acknowledge Christ as Lord just prior to His second advent.


  1. God continually looks for and calls people to work in His Kingdom. There is always work to do in making His fruit [Gal. 5:22-23] available and attractive for seeking more workers.
  2. God has only one criteria for earning His wage [inheritance] and that is accepting His invitation to enter His Kingdom.
  3. Rejoice, don’t grumble, for the number of workers called even at the last hour. God is a God of grace and mercy.
  4. God’s justness is different that man’s justice.
  5. God’s riches are great enough to satisfy all.

Seek and be Called,

Come and Commit,

Receive and Rejoice.

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