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90: The King is Coming

May 14, 2009

Major Text: Luke 19:11-28


  1. His Instructions Luke 19:11-13
  2. His Objectors Luke 19:14
  3. His Return, His Accounting, and His Decisions Luke 19:15-26


This is a very simple straightforward parable but it is also tricky. We know Jesus is talking about Himself but is He coming from heaven to Israel/earth and returning to heaven or is He going from earth to heaven and returning to earth. I read three different translations and I could go either way. The correct interpretation is that Jesus is going to heaven and will return. We know that because of context. Jesus is just leaving Jericho and going to Jerusalem. He uses this parable in relationship to Archelaus, Herod’s son who wanted to be King over this region around Jericho. He left for Rome to lobby for the position. In fact all the Herod’s went to Rome and lobbied for their positions. The Jews did not want Archelaus as their King so they also sent a delegation to Rome to voice their objections. But they lost and Archelaus returned as King. So with this in mind let us look at this parable.

  1. The born nobleman who wants to be King is Jesus.
  2. He has been born on earth in Israel as our Savior, the Messiah.
  3. He will return to heaven to be made King and will return as King.
  4. The people on earth, Jews and Gentiles, do not want Him to be their King.
  5. Before He returns to heaven, Jesus gives the people a gift, salvation, and asks that they multiply that gift for Him.
  6. When He returns, those who acknowledge Him as King and have multiplied their gift will be rewarded with more responsibility. Those who refused to acknowledge Him as King and have done nothing with their gift are destroyed.
  7. The more we multiply His gift while He is gone, the more responsibility we will have in His Kingdom when He returns.

This parable is very similar but different than the parable of the talents which Jesus told His disciples just before Passover.


  1. He is King. But we have control over whether or not He is our King.
  2. He is King and gives all a gift, the Gospel [He paid our debt for sin].
  3. He is King and requires that we accept His gift, that we multiply it by investing it, growing it, and sharing it on behalf of His Kingdom.
  4. He is King and will ask all of us to give an account upon His return.
  5. He is King and will judge our commitment to Him. Those who obey Him are given more and those who refused to obey Him are destroyed.

He is King and He is Coming!

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