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106: The End of the Age—Part V [Judgment]

May 15, 2009

Major Text: Matthew 24:31-46


  1. Judgment Time Matt. 25:31-33
  2. Characteristics of Jesus’ Sheep Matt. 25:34-40
  3. Characteristics of Satan’s Goats Matt. 25:41-45
  4. The Eternal Result Matt. 25:46


There is 1000 years of history in verse 31. Jesus comes in all His glory [2nd advent] and occupies the throne of Israel [King David’s throne] to rule the world for 1000 years. Then comes the judgment of verse 32 [see The Revelation chapter 20].

It is easy for Jesus to judge [sort] the sheep [those that love Him] from the goats [those that love themselves]. Both the sheep and the goats are doing what comes naturally to them. The sheep are those who love Christ, who follow Him, who know His voice, who love their fellow man, who serve Jesus, and whom He knows by name. The goats are those who do not serve Christ and who do not love their fellow man. The goats love themselves. They follow Satan and His angels. The sheep, on the other hand, were transformed, “born again”. They follow Christ. They obey Him.

The goats go to eternal punishment [hell] and the sheep go to eternal life [heaven]. Read The Revelation chapters 20-22 to get John’s viewpoint on this passage.


  1. The world consists of right and wrong, light and darkness, followers of Christ and followers of Satan, the righteous and the wicked. The Lord wishes that none would perish and extends His hand to all who would listen. Whom we choose to follow has eternal consequences. Choose wisely. Choose Christ and let Him transform each of us into one of His sheep.
  2. We are either righteous or wicked. We have either been gifted with the Righteousness of Christ or we have chosen to follow Satan. Our choice on earth determines our location for eternity.
  3. As His chosen Sheep, do what comes naturally.

Follow Him persistently.

Love Him consistently.

Serve Him constantly.

Love others continuously.

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