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108: The Last Supper Begins

May 15, 2009

Major Text: Luke 22:7-13; 14-16, 24-30

Harmony Texts:

Matt. 26:17-19      Mark 14:12-16      Luke 22:7-13
Matt. 26:20            Mark 14:17            Luke 22:14-16; 24-30


  1. Preparations Luke 22:7-13
  2. The Meal Begins Luke 22:14-16
  3. A Dispute Erupts Luke 22:24-30


The day is Thursday, the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This traditionally is the day of preparation for Passover. Jesus assigns Peter and John to go and make preparations, but where? So Jesus instructs them saying they will meet a man carrying water whom they are to follow home and then ask the owner of that house for their guest room, an upper room, which will be large enough to hold the twelve disciples and Jesus. And so it happens just as Jesus had said, similar to when He got the colt to ride into Jerusalem earlier in the week.

The disciples incline at the table to start the meal and Jesus reiterates that this will be His last Passover meal with them because He must suffer and die. By now the disciples are familiar with this teaching of His. They realize their time with Jesus is short before He returns to heaven and their human instincts take over. A dispute erupts over which one of them is the greatest in the Kingdom of God. I think part of it had to do with who was going to sit where during the Passover meal. Jewish tradition speaks of a certain “pecking order” so the disciple’s questions are quite natural. They probably assumed that whatever seating took place here now would also take place later in heaven.

Jesus has to break up the discussion by reminding them what He has told them previously. He says that the greatest in His Kingdom is Him and He is a servant. The greatest in His Kingdom will be those who serve like He serves. Humility reigns.


  1. It is important to prepare; for meals and for whatever is about to take place. Therefore, prepare your heart. Prepare your heart to accept the Gifts of His Presence, His Sacrifice, His Salvation, His Teaching, His Fellowship, His Service, His Example, and His Kingdom.
  2. Preparation for special sacred moments requires obedience, obedience to our Lord and Savior.
  3. Don’t allow your humanity to interfere with sacred moments. Focus on serving Christ and not on your special position in the family.
  4. Don’t concern yourself with who is the best. Concern yourself with serving others and you will be honored. We are honored for whom we serve, not for where we sit. God honors those who honor Him. Serve the Lord on earth and the Lord will allow you to serve [rule] others in His Kingdom.

The Seat of Honor is the Seat of Service.


The Seat of Service is the Seat of Honor.

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