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110: Now There are Eleven

May 15, 2009

Major Text: John 13:21-38

Harmony Texts:

Matt. 26:21-25       Mark 14:18-21       Luke 22:21-23       John 13:21-30
Matt. 26:31-35      Mark 14:27-31        Luke 22:31-3        John 13:37-38


  1. The Betrayer is Identified John 13:21-27
  2. The Betrayer Leaves John 13:28-30
  3. Jesus Prophesies Concerning His Future John 13:31-35
  4. Jesus Prophesies Concerning Peter’s Future John 13:36-38


This portion of scripture takes place after the second cup of wine is served in the Passover dinner. Jesus is saddened by the fact that He has revealed that one of His own disciples will betray Him. Everyone asks “Is it I?” including Judas. Peter asks John to ask Jesus who it is. Jesus replies that it is the one who receives the bread after He has dipped it in the wine. That would be the person on His left sitting in the second highest seat of honor, Judas Iscariot [see previous lesson]. Upon taking the bread, Satan enters Judas and takes control. Jesus tells Judas in a nice way that he should go. The others think that he is going to give some of their common funds to the temple for the poor. This was a traditional practice and the temple was opened and available late at night for just such donations.

Jesus is now free to speak clearly and personally and states He has only a little longer to be with them. They will be unable to follow where He is going [heaven].  He, the Son, and His Father, God, will be glorified as never before as a result of the Son’s resurrection and His ascension to sit at the right hand of the Father [See comments on John 17]. The disciples are to follow Christ’s example, loving one another, and be His witnesses. The disciples don’t understand why they can not follow. Peter even promises to follow Him, laying down his life as Christ will soon do. But Jesus tells Peter that he will deny Him three times before the cock crows. That really sounds foreign to Peter.


  1. Denying Jesus as the Christ severs our relationship with Him.
  2. Beware. There could be a betrayer in your midst. Treat them with love but remove them from fellowship.
  3. Jesus knows your heart better than you. Your actions, not your words, show forth your true heart. Take inventory. Make sure your actions support your claims about your relationship with Jesus Christ.
  4. As believers our suffering and death may be horrible. But in the end God will be glorified in our resurrection as He was in His Son’s death and resurrection.
  5. Realize that one’s faith may not be as strong as we think. Bragging about our faith may bring us personal embarrassment. Be humble. Be steadfast. Be constant. Be fearless.

One’s Actions tend to verify the Condition of one’s Heart.

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