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114: Final Explanations–Part II [Hatred]

May 15, 2009

Major Text: John 15:18-16:4


  1. Jesus is Hated John 15:18-21
  2. No More Excuses John 15:22-27
  3. You too will be Hated John 16:1-4


Jesus continues to explain what is to come. In Lesson 113 He explained “Intimacy”, what life should be like if we are to experience abundant life and joy. In this Lesson, life becomes real. The life of love we experience in Christ is a life of hatred in the world. What we as Christians have learned to love is hated by the world. Christ and the world are opposites as is light and darkness, white and black, righteousness and sin, hope and despair, heaven and hell.

We should not to be surprised when the world hates us and persecutes us. They did it to Christ and they will do it to us. They do this because they do not believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, who can forgive us of our sin. They probably don’t believe in sin either. But they have no excuse because Jesus has come and shown all of us what righteousness is. He has done miracles and lived without sin. His standard is high. But His righteousness is available to all who believe in Him. Those who refuse to believe hate Him by choice, not by reason.

Jesus continues prophesying specifically that His disciples will be put out of the synagogue and killed by those who refuse to believe Jesus. All this came to pass shortly after the Holy Spirit came upon them. The disciples together with others in the church in Jerusalem were scattered and Stephen became their first martyr. Eventually all the disciples were killed except John.


1. Intimacy with God results in being hated on earth.

2. When our belief is challenged, we hate. The Pharisees hated Jesus. Conservatives hate liberals and vice versa. Muslims hate Jews and vice versa. Eastern cultures hate western cultures and vice versa. Pagans hate Christians and vice versa. The only one who does not hate in return is Jesus Christ. And as Christians, we are also to love our enemies. It is one of the hardest things for us to do.

3. Mankind is out of excuses with the coming of Jesus, the Son of God Incarnate. The record of His Word, His miracles, His sacrifice, and His resurrection stands. The testimony of His Followers stand. Failure to believe in Him leads to condemnation. Believe and receive your inheritance.

4. As Christians, do not expect to be treated any differently than Christ. Christ was hated on earth but loved by the Father in heaven. Likewise, we Christians will be hated on earth but loved by the Father in heaven. Our mission is on earth but our home is in heaven.

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