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115: Final Explanations–Part III [The Holy Spirit]

May 15, 2009

Major Text: John 16:5-15


  1. The Coming of the Holy Spirit John 16:5-7
  2. The Work of the Holy Spirit John 16:8-13
  3. The Source of the Holy Spirit John 16:14-15


Jesus now shifts from the negative to the positive, from talking about the hatred they were to experience to experiencing the Holy Spirit in their lives. Evidently the disciples have grown very quiet and are not asking questions. They had asked questions earlier in the Upper Room but now they are quiet.

Jesus tells His disciples again that He is going to the Father. He is going for their good because then He can send The Counselor to them. The Counselor is going to continue the work of Jesus Christ, to convict the world of their sin, to convince the world of the righteousness of Jesus, and reveal to them that God’s judgment is real. This work is necessary because the world refuses to believe in Him, His resurrection, His going to the Father, and His conquering of death and Satan. Again, the invitation to come to Jesus is given to all but there are few who believe and take advantage of His invitation to enter into His Kingdom.

There is much more that Jesus could tell His disciples but the time is short and they have reached the end of their ability to absorb more information. The Holy Spirit will do the rest. He will tell them and guide them in what He hears directly from God. He will give them even more information on the future, what is to come. Jesus will make sure we are not surprised by what we see happening as we minister in His name. We will be taught by the Holy Spirit about the overall knowledge and wisdom of God. We who believe will never stop learning about God, our Heavenly Father.


1. The Holy Spirit is a certainty in the lives of those who believe in Jesus.

2. The Holy Spirit enables us to continue the work of Jesus Christ, convicting the world of sin and pointing the way to righteousness.

3. The leaving of Christ and the coming of the Holy Spirit is both good and necessary. The body of believers is increasing and the flesh is limiting whereas the Spirit is unlimited.

4. Only the righteous are allowed in the Fathers presence. Therefore, we must believe in Jesus and receive His Righteousness to avoid condemnation for our sins.

5. Death came because of sin and because of Satan’s influence. Jesus conquered death and therefore, conquered Satan’s influence.

6. Intimacy with Christ the vine enables the Holy Spirit to continue teaching us about God. The Holy Spirit transfers all that God wants us to know into our hearts and minds. Believe in Jesus, open the door to your heart, and the Holy Spirit will enter and guide you in all God’s Wisdom.

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