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116: Final Explanations–Part IV [Assurance]

May 15, 2009

Major Text: John 16:16-33


  1. The Immediate Future John 16:16-22
  2. The Near Future John 16:23-28
  3. Understanding the Future John 16:29-33


Jesus repeats His teaching from John 14 [Lesson 112] providing more detail and clarity as to what is about to happen. Jesus’ final discourse [Lesson 112-116; John 14-16] is preparing His disciples for what is coming, both short term, near term, and long term.

He begins by explaining what will happen in the next three days. He is leaving [dying on the cross], they will be mourning, and then their mourning will turn to joy because they will see Him alive, resurrected from the grave. That miracle will be their source of everlasting joy. It will be the source of everlasting joy for all who believe Jesus is the Christ and is from God.

There will be a time when they need not ask for anything because He will be with them. But He is returning to the Father. Then they should ask. They should ask for the Holy Spirit as promised in Lesson 112 [John 14:25-27]. They are to ask for direction in continuing His ministry [John 14:12-14; John 15:5-8]. Asking/fellow-shipping with Him brings joy because we receive wisdom and direction from Him and live assured by being attached to the living vine [John 15].

Because they believe, they are loved, again a repeat of John 14:23-24. Because we believe, we are loved. The disciples finally understand and comprehend what is happening and Jesus expresses His joy. His disciples, some whose faith may have been weak [John 14:5,8], have matured. They will survive the next few days and they will survive the future. They will be scattered/persecuted [Lesson 114; John 14:27-31] but they will not be alone [Lesson 115; John 14:15-17]. They will have peace [John 14:27].

The disciples could live assured, with joy, and with peace because they believed in Jesus and witnessed His resurrection. Likewise, we too can live in the same manner by placing our trust in Jesus [John 14:1-7]. He is faithful. He is the Lord God. Trust Him.


  1. Sometimes we are too far removed from reality to understand what is happening. God’s Word becomes clearer the closer we are to important milestone events prophesied.
  2. Those who believe in Jesus as the Christ who is from God the Father will be filled with JOY because they KNOW HE LIVES.
  3. ASK in Jesus name. ASK to bear fruit. ASK to be pruned so that you can bear more fruit. ASK to be productive for the Kingdom of God.
  4. God loves those who love His Son. God loves those who love Him. God loves those who proclaim His Name above all names.

LIVE ASSURED that Jesus Christ is Lord God!

LIVE ASSURED that Jesus lives!

LIVE ASSURED of life eternal!

LIVE ASSURED that Heaven is your home!

LIVE ASSURED that Jesus is with God the Father!

LIVE ASSURED in His JOY and with His PEACE!

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