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117: Final Prayer

May 15, 2009

Major Text: John 17:1-26


  1. Glorify Your Son John 17:1-5
  2. Protect My Disciples John 17:6-16
  3. Sanctify Them with Truth John 17:17-23
  4. Let Them Live with Us in Glory John 17:24-26


These last Lessons, 112-117, have all taken place after their supper and before they have left the Upper Room for the Mt. of Olives. These lessons, together with what happened during this meal, represent the most continuous teaching’s of Jesus recorded except for the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew’s gospel. Jesus has one overall theme, UNITY. This theme actually started with Peter’s confession at Caesarea Philippi stating “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God”. This theme of Unity continued as follows:

  • John 13              Cleansed by Him [foot-washing]
    Eating with Him [bread and wine]
  • John 14              Hope in Heaven
  • John 15              Love for One Another
    His love for us
    Obedience to His Word
    Filled with His joy
  • John 16 World’s hatred and persecution
    Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • John 17 His intercession on our behalf

And it continues beyond with Pentecost, the starting point in the continuation of Christ’s ministry.

Jesus has given us two examples of prayer. The first, known as The Lord’s Prayer, is found in Matthew 6:9-13 [Lesson 28]. This is the second example and is referred to as The High Priestly Prayer because it is solely a prayer of intercession for all His disciples/believers then and now. We are probably correct in saying that there is a higher probability that God will hear and respond to the prayer of His Son, Jesus than our prayers assuming correctness of approach is important. So we would be wise to study and copy what He has taught us about prayer and what He prayed. With that premise, note that His prayer has only four petitions [see the Outline] but many reasons are given in support of the petitions Jesus prayed. For instance:

I. Glorify Your Son [1-5]

  1. That your Son may Glorify You [1]
  2. You have granted Me authority to grant eternal life [2]
  3. I have brought You Glory on earth [4]
  4. You have graced Me with your Glory before [5]

II. Protect My Disciples [6-16]

  1. They know the Father and have obeyed Your Word [6]
  2. They accepted Your Word [8]
  3. They believe I came from You [8]
  4. We shared our possessions/disciples [10]
  5. They Glorify Me [10]
  6. I am leaving but they are staying [11]
  7. That they be part of Our union [11]
  8. I have kept them safe except for one [12]
  9. That they experience My joy [12]
  10. They are no longer of this world [13]
  11. The evil one is alive and well [15]

III. Sanctify Them in Word and Truth [17-23]

  1. They are being sent into the world [18]
  2. I have started the work already [19]
  3. They will produce other disciples [20]
  4. That all may be one [21]
  5. That all may believe I was sent by You [21]
  6. They have been given My Glory [22]
  7. That they may experience and show unity like Us [23]

IV. Live with Us and view Our Glory [24-26]

  1. My Glory is a direct result of Your love [24]
  2. I have made You known to them [26]
  3. Because we are One in love for another, Us in them and them in Us [26]

Therefore, for all these reasons, protect My disciples.


Because He Prayed “Glorify My Son” we are              Free to be a Living Sacrifice.

Because He Prayed “Protect My Disciples”               we are              Free to Obey His Will.

Because He Prayed “Sanctify Them with Truth” we are             Free to Live in Faith and His Promises.

Because He Prayed “Let Them Live with Us in Glory”            we are               Free to Live in Hope.

In summary Jesus Prayed:

Restore My Position

so that We may

Protect them Physically,

Grow Them Spiritually,

and enable them to

Fellowship with Us Eternally.

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