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125: Immediate Post Resurrection Happenings

May 15, 2009

Major Text:

John 20:11-18
Matthew 28:9-15
Luke 24:13-35

Harmony Texts:

Mark 16:9-11                                                   John 20:11-18
Mark 16:12-13         Luke 24:13-32


  1. Jesus appears to Mary/Other Women John 20:11-18; Matt. 28:9-10
  2. the Guards Appear before the Jewish Leaders Matt. 28:11-15
  3. Jesus Appears to Two Men from Emmaus Luke 24:13-35


It is Sunday. The Women have told the Disciples about the empty tomb and have followed Peter and John back to the garden. Peter and John leave but the women, particularly Mary Magdalene, stick close by and continue to mourn. Mary looks into the tomb once again and sees two angels. They ask why she is crying and she tells them she doesn’t know where to look for Jesus. She sees a gardener who asks her the same question. She gives him the same answer but them He says “Mary”. She immediately recognizes the Lord. He cautions her not to touch Him but to go tell the disciples that He will meet them in Galilee.

In the meantime, the Roman guards fear for their lives and are telling the Jewish leaders what had happened at the tomb. The leaders agree to pay them and devised a plan that they would say the body was stolen when they slept [shirking their duty]. If their superiors raised any questions, the Jewish leaders would tell them the real truth and spare them any embarrassment or punishment.

Two believers from Emmaus are walking home Sunday after the Passover/Sabbath discussing all that had taken place over the weekend. They evidently were close to the disciples in that they had heard of His resurrection from the women. Jesus comes along side of them and hears them discussing what had happened and what to make of it all. After asking a few questions, Jesus starts explaining all that had happened from the Scriptures. When they get to Emmaus, they invite Jesus to stay with them overnight. They begin to eat with Jesus breaking the bread and blessing it. Then Jesus was revealed to them in His resurrection body and disappeared from their midst. They now understand and comprehend all that He had said so they leave immediately for Jerusalem to tell His disciples that they had met and seen the Lord.


1. If you want to meet the Lord, the best time is early in the morning.

2. If you want to see Jesus, stick close by His tomb, comprehend that HE IS ALIVE, and understand that what He said did happen. That is believe He died for our sin, that His righteousness and power overcame death, and that He is now with the Father until He returns again.

3. Listen for the Lord calling your name and then listen to what He says.

4. Covering up the truth fails to cover up The Truth.

5. The Lord reveals Himself in the routines of life.

6. Jesus never turns down an invitation to meet with us. Invite Him daily.

7. The Lord speaks to us through Scripture as He did with the two men from Emmaus.

8. The hearts of believers discern the TRUTH. We prefer to rely on our intellect but we must learn to trust our hearts.

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