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128: Jesus Meets with His Disciples Again in Galilee

May 15, 2009

Major Text: Matthew 28:16-20; Mark 16:16-18

Harmony Texts:

Matt. 28:16-20       Mark 16:15-18       I Cor. 15:6


  1. The Great Commission Matt. 28:16-20
  2. His Just Justice Mark 16:16
  3. Our Divine Power Mark 16:17-18


Now all eleven disciples are together whereas in the last Lesson there were seven disciples who went fishing. Jesus evidently had told them to meet Him on the mountain. I believe this is the mountain by Capernaum where Jesus often went to pray, where He selected His twelve disciples, and where He preached His Sermon on the Mount.

It says some doubted so perhaps it was the eleven disciples plus the believers in Galilee, those 500 disciples He appeared to at one time according to I Cor. 15:6. They hadn’t yet seen their resurrected Lord and some reacted similar to that of Thomas. Jesus had already revealed Himself to His “eleven” disciples on more than one occasion so it is doubtful that some of them were still doubting.

The commission/command He gives His followers is very clear and concise. This is also at least the third time Jesus told His disciples what they are to do. Jesus repeated important teachings. What He preached in Galilee He repeated in Judea and in Perea. He taught about His death and resurrection many times during the lasts months of His ministry.

A businessman gave a talk on this Great Commission at an annual CBMC [Christian Business Men’s Committee] convention that I happened to attend in Winnipeg. He spoke of it as going out with God’s Power, with God’s Program, and with God’s Presence. I have never forgotten this clear outline of Matt. 28:18-20.

Jesus also repeats His system of justice. Believers will be saved. Unbelievers will be condemned. Believers will inherit eternal life. Unbelievers will be sent to hell. What decisions we make on earth will last for eternity. That is why it is so important to Him to have us obey His commands to carry on His ministry, His message, The Gospel.

Jesus has graciously given us gifts and power to enable us to be successful in continuing His ministry and obeying His commands. Five specific “signs” were/are given to believers. We look at this list today and see that those signs were very evident in the early Church but are less evident today. That may be true but I believe these signs are still evident but more so in a spiritual sense than in a physical sense. They are as much metaphors as they are specific physical signs. For instance, consider the following table:

Power to drive out demons Means Power to obey Jesus’ teaching and commands; power to know His Will and
to do His Will; power to resist evil forces, and power to live in righteousness.Gifted with Faith.
Speak in new tongues Means We are to speak in the language of love; love God; love our fellow man
as we love ourselves; love our enemies. God’s language of love is a foreign
language to unbelievers.Gifted with Love.
Pick up snakes and not be bit Means We have been given power to resist temptation. We will have discernment
over right and wrong, good and evil, righteousness and unrighteousness.Gifted with Grace.
Drink poison and not die Means We will be protected from harm by His loving hand. We are secure in Him,
in His promises. We have received forgiveness for sin once and for all.Gifted with Mercy and Hope.
Heal the sick Means Giving the right medicine [The Gospel} to those who are sick [the lost,
the sinners, the unbelievers] so they too can believe in Jesus and have
eternal life.Gifted with Compassion.


1. There is no greater purpose, no higher purpose than to believe on His name and obey His commands.

2. We are commissioned to go to all nations with His Gospel message. We do not do this alone nor without His involvement. He sends us with His Presence. Without Jesus we can do nothing. With Jesus we can not fail.

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