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Forward: New Testament

May 19, 2009

It is April 8, 2005 and I have been prompted by the Holy Spirit to write a commentary on the New Testament using my notes from personal studies and from Sunday School lessons I’ve taught over the last decade. This will be somewhat different than the excellent commentaries you can purchase in that it is written from the perspective “what does this scripture mean to me” instead of the usual “what should this scripture mean to you”. So it’s a personal commentary reflecting my personal thoughts while on a personal journey to follow God, my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I will start with a personal unique outline of Mark’s gospel. Then I will shift into the gospels, all four together, following Thomas and Gundry’s Harmony of the Gospels which puts the gospel texts in both a parallel and chronological order as best understood by scholars. Acts and the various letters will follow per the New Testament order.

Some of what I write will be verse by verse and some will be more text by nature; outlines, perspectives, lessons with a purpose of keeping all in strict context.

You will not necessarily agree with all that I’ve written. You will see and hear things from scripture that I did not see and hear. The same is true for me because scripture speaks to me in the context of my circumstances at the moment. Scripture is inspired by God himself. It lives and breathes. It always relates to where we are in life. It always offers direction and gives hope to those who trust in Him, to those who follow Him.

I trust you will find this inspiring, that it will enable you to know Him on a more intimate level and to love Him with all your heart.

In His Name and for His Glory forever,



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