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Psalm 1

June 4, 2009

“How blessed is the man that does not walk in the counsel of the wicked.” This quote is a statement but what if we change it to a question. “How blessed are those who walk not in the counsel of the wicked?” Our blessing then comes from taking delight in His Word, His Counsel. Our blessing comes from being unified and living in harmony with the Lord. Our blessing is that of having a firm foundation filled with the Holy Spirit, filled with truth and knowledge; truth and knowledge that will please others. We will live lives filled with joy instead of despair. Life will be full to the end, filled with purpose, and providing comfort to others. Thus, we who walk with God possess life’s greatest blessing, that of knowing God cares about us and others; that we possess a divine purpose according to the Creator; that we can have fellowship personally with God Almighty. The present may be difficult but the future is filled with promise. In God’s Kingdom, we are indeed prosperous and have great value. We are loved.

But the wicked are treated differently because they don’t know the Lord nor do they walk with Him. In the end they are not valued or loved. The righteous are like wheat; the unrighteous like chaff. The chaff ends up scattered in the wind or swept up and burned. The righteous wheat seeds are sacked, saved, and planted for another harvest. Chaff has no value but wheat seeds continue to reproduce. Therefore, it is the wheat seeds that are valued and saved, not the chaff.

The message of this Psalm is very clear. Man has a choice. The results of our choice are very different. What may seem to be a minor difference in the present becomes a major difference in the future. The Lord is Holy. Therefore, the righteous can not be contaminated by the unrighteous. To be assured you have made the right choice, walk with God and delight in His Word. Life eternal will be your reward.

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