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Psalm 10

June 4, 2009

The psalmist sees all this evil around him and wonders why the Lord does not take action against the evil doers.

Verses 2-11 define the evil doer. Concerning the Lord; He is reviled, there is no room for Him, His laws are not revered, and He does not see or care. Such is the attitude of the evil doer which results in his arrogance, his scheming against the weak, his boasting, his lust, his greediness, his pride, his haughtiness, his curses, his lies, his threats, his degrading speech, his murders, and his tyranny. What a picture of the person who ignores God and His Law.

But the evildoers are ignorant. God does not forget the helpless, the fatherless, and the afflicted. The Lord sees what is happening and He calls people into account for their actions. The Lord is patient desiring people to repent but He is not forever patient. The Lord is King. He is sovereign over the nations. He is sovereign over each of us. He will rid the earth of terrorists.

This is a prayer that we as Christians should pray often. We tend to pray for ourselves, for protection from evil. That is not wrong; it is good. But we should not forget to ask God to judge the evil around us and to help those who are victims of evil. Let us encourage the Lord to intervene and for us to understand His Divine timing. Let’s not just think of ourselves. Let’s think of others and ask the Lord to judge the evil doers and lift up the oppressed that His Name be glorified above all names.

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