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Psalm 102

June 4, 2009

This psalm is both personal and nationalistic in nature. The psalmist may or may not be personally afflicted but for sure he is taking the circumstances surrounding Israel in a very personal way. What is happening to Israel is affecting him personally. Therefore, he begins this psalm by calling on the Lord to hear his cry for help and to come quickly.

I believer verses 3-11 represent a national calamity and not a personal one but the psalmist could be using his personal situation to illustrate Israel. The description is of a person dying [disappearing]. He has no energy, no life, no ambition, no purpose, and no friends. He is surrounded by enemies who taunt him awaiting his death. He has no hope; only tears. The cause of this calamity is God’s wrath.

Although the nation of Israel has no hope, the psalmist has HOPE because God is on the throne and HE has rescued them before. The psalmist has hope because there’s a remnant that serves God and He will use that remnant to restore and rebuild Israel to its’ former glory and even more so. In a sense, this is prophetic and speaks of Israel’s future glory. Restoration will come when the people are destitute enough to seek God, plea for forgiveness, and return to worship Him.

The psalmist concludes by asking the Lord to give him additional days of life so that he might see the restoration of Israel first hand. He acknowledges that God is eternal and that He is the Creator God. He understands that the heavens and earth will disappear some day but that those who know, worship, and serve God will be rewarded with eternal life in the presence of God.

So we have this psalm telling of man’s hope in God in the midst of a hopeless situation. God is a God of HOPE. God is a God of love and compassion. God is a God of restoration to all who trust Him, worship Him, and serve Him. Remember, only the Creator God has the power to grant eternal life and He does so to those who place their hope in Him. God hears all those who call upon Him, answers them, and assures them with HOPE.

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