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Psalm 11

June 4, 2009

This psalm starts with a bold statement “In the Lord I take refuge”. Verses 1-3 seem to record a dialogue between David and another person. The answer or conclusion as to “why” he takes refuge is recorded in verses 4-7, particularly verse 7. David is being advised to flee for his life but David says no, his refuge is in the Lord. He is one with the Lord assured that his relationship is on solid ground and that the Lord considers him as righteous. We too should live with that assurance. It makes a big difference, enabling us to live free, live with confidence, and live with joy. It is living in faith, that we are one with the Lord and are considered to be His child.

Why should we not worry? Why should we not flee? Why should we not fear? It’s because the Lord reigns over all things, including our lives. He is sovereign. There is nothing He does not see. The Lord loves those who seek righteousness and hates the wicked, those who love violence, who want to destroy peoples’ lives, destroy reputations, and destroy life itself for their own gain that they may be recognized as “god”. But in the end, they will be destroyed; they will face judgment and be sentenced to the Lake of Fire, hell.

The Lord is righteous and just. Those who seek righteousness will live with Him forever. Those who prefer wickedness will never see His face, only hell. We have a choice, a choice that determines how and where we will spend eternity. We either believe in God or reject Him. What we believe is critical. Make the right choice. Desire to seek Him and His righteousness. Seek Him and live free, live assured, and live joyously. Live in the confident knowledge the He, the Lord God, is faithful and that He desires to fellowship with His “righteous” children forever. One need not flee your enemies. Flee to the Lord and take refuge in Him.

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