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Psalm 12

June 4, 2009

David cries to the Lord for help. He feels helpless similar to what Moses felt after the people refused to place their faith in God and enter into the Promised Land at Kadesh Barnea and similar to Elijah’s lament after proving the Lord is God on Mt. Carmel to the people and then fleeing for his life. As Christians we feel the same. We are few in number and feel alone. No one values our beliefs. No one feels the need to know God. The faithful are dying and those who lie and practice deceit are growing in number and becoming the norm.

David asks the Lord to intervene concerning those who flatter, who boast, who are arrogant, and who defy the true Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. They are those who oppress the weak, taking unfair and unjust advantage of the needy.

David expresses confidence that the Lord will intervene and protect them. In addition to protecting them, He will purify them.

David associates himself and identifies himself with the weak and needy. He is neither weak nor needy but he understands their plight. Like them, he seeks the Lord’s protection and desires to be made pure. David has a master. It is not man but the Lord. His faith is in the Lord to keep him safe and protect him from these evil people who have bought into their own self-worth.

The question is “Who is our Master?” Who do we trust? And who do we seek? Do our words and activities focus on gaining the power and prestige for ourselves or do they focus on helping the needy and practicing justice? Regardless of our current position in society, the Lord wants us to love and identify with the needy, those who desire to know the Lord and those who are poor. You see, the real needy are those whose desire is to know God. We are purified by our belief, our belief in the Lord. That is what sets us apart, makes us different, and makes us a target of evil men. But the Lord protects His children and keeps them safe. We are to seek Him and trust Him with our lives. He cares. So identify with those in need. Serve them and serve the Lord. Let Him purify your heart, mind, and soul; preserving you to eternal life with Him, your Master, God Almighty.

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