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Psalm 14

June 4, 2009

This psalm is similar to Psalm 1 and 2 in that it proclaims the foolishness of those who don’t believe, acknowledge, or worship God. It closes with a request that the Messiah come to restore Israel to a right relationship with the Lord.

The Lord is continually looking for those who seek Him [II Chron. 16:9, II Pet. 3:9]. But as Jesus taught, there are few who seek and find Him. They are too caught up in their own lives to seek truth. Excluding God breeds corruption and destruction. They have no fear of God’s righteous judgment. They create the standard for life and ignore God who created them. This pride and arrogance is the downfall of man. The man who does not seek God or who does not believe in God will oppress the poor instead of helping them. They will talk and boast about what they are doing but their words are in vain. Look today and see all the attention the poor receive; lip service, laws, programs, and speeches etc. from our politicians. But the poor remain. They become dependent instead of independent, slaves instead of free. We make it more difficult for them to succeed and take ownership for the decisions they make. We tell them what to do instead of training them in what they can do.

The supernatural is needed to change our thinking, our direction. The psalmist asks for the direct intervention of the Messiah. He has come as Savior but people still do not seek Him or heed His advice. We believers now pray for Christ’s return as King to accomplish what we are incapable of doing, bringing peace among men and justice to all people. At that time Israel will rejoice as will all His saints who come with Christ.

We may be shouted down and ridiculed but we believers must never stop pointing out the foolishness of ignoring God. We must proclaim the availability of salvation to all who believe and we must pray for Christ’s return. Only Christ can bring victory, bring justice, bring peace, and bring righteousness. The question we must ask ourselves is “How does God see me?”; as a fool who ignores God or as a person who seeks to know Him better every day.

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