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Psalm 16

June 4, 2009

This psalm is attributed to David. Verse 1 is his simple prayer for safety in that he is coming to God for refuge. There are two results of his taking refuge in God. The present result is expressed in verses 2-9. The future result is expressed in verses 10-11. In all, verses 2-11 are a testimony of the Lord’s influence, the Lord’s blessing, and the Lord’s hope given to David as a result of seeking the Lord.

Let’s simplify verses 2-11 as follows:

1. David has one God, Yahweh.

2. The Lord is good and all that He gives is good.

3. He delights in the saints, others who seek and honor the Lord, and who bring glory to His Name.

4. He wants nothing to do with those who follow other gods.

5. The Lord has directed and has control over who he is and what he is doing. The Lord has control over his personal and public life, his home life, and his vocation.

6. David is happy, secure, and content with the present and for his future.

7. He praises God for instructing him during the day and at night, in his personal life, in his vocation, and in his personal life. God is always with him giving him counsel.

8. David is filled with joy, secure and assured in the Lord.

9. God will even be with him in death and after death.

10. The resurrection is true, filled with joy and pleasure being in the presence of the Lord forever.

This is the testimony of David’s life at this writing. Verse 10-11 tells of his confidence in the resurrection of those who believe and know God. Verse 10 indicates that he believes in the resurrection because His Holy One, the Messiah, will also be resurrected. Because God is eternal, so are His children. That is David’s confidence and it is also our confidence as believers, as saints, as His children.

May this testimony of God by David also be our testimony of God for He is good and He is eternal.

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