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Psalm 18

June 4, 2009

Psalm 18 with a total of 50 verses is one of the longer psalms. The first three verses are ones of praise and thanksgiving to God. The psalmist expresses his love for the Lord who is his strength, his rock, his fortress, his deliverer, his shield, his stronghold, his salvation, and who answers his prayers and saves him from his enemies.

Recognize who God is. Acknowledge what He is doing in your life. Praise Him for His blessings, His faithfulness, His protection, His direction, His steadfastness, His loving care, and His salvation. Praise and thank Him for answering your prayers.

It appears that the enemies of David are also enemies of God. David recognizes that God is indeed dealing with those who refuse to acknowledge God. Verses 7-19 are in many ways visionary and prophetic with respect to the Lord’s judgment in The Day of the Lord. There will be earthquakes, fire, and meteorites falling from the sky and then the Lord comes to earth [second advent] to reign. In verse 16 we see that God protects His own, a sign of the rapture from God’s final wrath and from Satan’s armies [anti-Christ]. Compare this picture with that of Revelations Trumpet and Bowl judgments. There is great similarity.

Verse 20 explains the reward of the righteous. We who trust, follow, and obey God are rewarded. Because of this assurance of God’s faithfulness to protect and save His children, we can be bold in proclaiming our allegiance to God by living as He would have us live; as faithful, blameless, and pure. We are wary of the wicked [discerning] knowing that God saves the humble and destroys the proud. The Lord is our strength so that we can withstand temptation, live for Him, and fight wickedness with His Truth, His Word. This last sentence actually summarizes verses 30-45. The Lord gives us strength to do battle with His enemies who are also our enemies.

Verses 46-50 is another hymn praising God because He is eternal, He is the Rock, He is Savior, He is the just judge of all, HE determines who will be saved, and He gives the victory. He is kind and worthy of our praise.

Praise God because He is God, because He is Sovereign, and just. Only He has the power to save us and resurrect us to eternal life. Praise God!

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