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Psalm 19

June 4, 2009

This psalm is often quoted because it tells of God’s glory, majesty, and power. The heavens shout to the ends of the earth telling of God’s glory, God’s creative power, and God’s knowledge. The sun is placed perfectly to accomplish its’ designed task [vs. 5-6]. All this is noted by Paul in his letter to the Romans [Rom. 1]. Man is without excuse. God has made himself known to all in the heavens.

Just as the heavens declare God’s glory, so does His Word.

1. His Law [Pentateuch] is perfect showing man how to live.

2. His statutes [principles] are trustworthy and binding.

3. His precepts [purposes] are righteous and give joy.

4. His commands [directives] are like light to direct our way.

5. The “Fear of the Lord” is pure [awesome worship] and eternal.

6. His ordinances [rules] are sure and righteous, directing us toward our reward.

Not only has God created and rules the universe and our physical being, but He rules over our spiritual and moral being too. God is wise and has perfect knowledge of all things. He knows our faults and our sin. He has power to enable us to resist evil. And He has power to forgive our sin and grant us mercy. God has the power to get our attention [through the heavens] and hold our attention [through His Word] so that we will give Him our attention [faith, trust, belief] such that He considers us as blameless, without sin, and worthy of His blessings and rewards.

Oh that our hearts might always seek Him, that our words and thoughts bring glory to His Name. May the Lord God be our Rock [steadfast foundation in life] and our Redeemer. May we place our faith and trust in Him for our life on earth and our life eternal. He is worthy. He is Creator and His Word is truth. Our God is filled with glory, majesty, and power. The heavens declare His Glory and His Word declares His Truth.

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