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Psalm 2

June 4, 2009

Verses 1-3 speak of nations, peoples, kings, and rulers who have banded together and agreed to stand against the Lord God. In other words they are against Biblical principles, Biblical ethics and Biblical rules [commandments]. They are against Biblical justice, Biblical righteousness, Biblical love, Biblical grace, and Biblical mercy. They prefer their own rules over the Lord’s rules; their way over the Lord’s way, and their own will over the Lord’s will. Anything relating to God, Jesus Christ, and Christianity is not acceptable. David recognized this during his reign and we see similar attitudes in today’s cultures among the nations and even within the USA. In verse 3 David cautions us to not forge relationships with these people and, in fact, we are to break off relations. In fact, we are to stand up against them and point out the error of their ways. Yes, it may even mean war.

The Lord knows what is happening. He laughs. He scoffs. He becomes angry and will discipline them with His fury. The Lord is patient but He does not tolerate evil or people forever who are against His statutes and Sovereignty/Kingship. He is God, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, holy, just, sovereign, omniscient, and omnipotent. Terrible things will happen to those who refuse to acknowledge Him as the true and only God.

David has made God his King to rule over Israel. In ruling Israel, David consults God. David seeks the Lord’s will in making his decisions. Likewise, we should/must do the same in our own lives and in our nations’ life. Failure to seek the Lord will lead to the Lord’s discipline and our decline.

We who follow the Lord and seek to do His will; we who acknowledge Him as God are given assurances by God that we belong to God, that we are His sons, that we will receive an inheritance from God. We are God’s and we will rule in the end. We will rule on behalf of the Lord God because we worship Him with reverence. God is who He is, the I Am, the Creator God, the Lord God Almighty, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Seek the Lord, take refuge in the Lord, rejoice in the Lord, and come before Him with fear and trembling. He is God. Worship Him only. Failure to do so will kindle the Lord’s anger. We have a choice; acknowledge Him and be blessed or disavow Him and perish. In whom do you trust?

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