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Psalm 20

June 4, 2009

In a sense this is an intercessory psalm, a psalm of encouragement, and a psalm of inclusion. David is asking the Lord to answer those in distress to protect them, to help them, to support them, to accept their sacrifices [worship], and to give them the desires of their hearts. David is requesting this of the Lord for all the people who seek God and worship Him. David has and is receiving all these blessings as God’s anointed king and child. So it is natural and proper to ask that his subjects be granted the same blessings.

David and the priests will shout for joy and praise God as they hear stories of how God is blessing those people who seek God and worship Him in sincerity.

David has firsthand experience of God’s goodness. He recognizes that some trust in Israel’s war machine but David, God’s warrior, places his trust in the Lord. God will oppress those who trust in their war machine and raise up those who place their trust in God.

Verse 9 is inclusive. David asks to be saved i.e. save Israel as a kingdom, to save his rule and/or throne. To do so, God must answer their requests.

God is more than happy to answer these requests for those who honestly seek Him and place their trust in Him. He has done so with David and He will do so for others. He is faithful. Therefore, David prays with confidence.

Seek the Lord with all your heart, strength, mind, and soul. Make note of the Lord’s goodness. Praise and thank Him for His answers, His protection, His help, His victories. Come before His throne with confidence, expectantly awaiting His answers. Then obey the Lord and sense your faith growing.

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