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Psalm 21

June 4, 2009

This is a psalm of thanksgiving and praise to God for the many blessings He has bestowed on David, King of Israel, including answers to David’s prayers concerning his enemies. Substitute the pronoun “I” in place of “king” and it will become your own psalm of praise and thanksgiving to God.

The first two verses are general in nature. David acknowledges God’s strength and power. David’s heart is filled with joy because God has directed him in power and wisdom. All that David has accomplished politically and militarily is a result of God’s personal doing. God has heard David’s prayers and answered them.

Verses 3-7 acknowledge what God has done. Not only has David been richly blessed but he has been welcomed into God’s Kingdom and given a gold crown. This has both a literal and figurative meaning in David’s case. God has granted David eternal life and glory on earth. God’s blessings are eternal indeed. God has honored David with His Presence just as we who believe today have the Holy Spirit dwelling in our hearts. There is no greater blessing. David has put his trust in the Lord. He will not forsake the Lord because God is faithful in loving those who truly seek Him.

Verses 8-12 indicate that David has heard God’s answer to his requests of judgment upon the Lord’s enemies. David no longer wonders about God’s judgment, he is assured of God’s judgment. God will seize them. God will consume them in fire. Anyone associated with them will be destroyed. God is the victor. In many ways this is prophetic concerning the last days after Christ’s millennial reign. God is the victor and we are to praise Him.

The blessings David received are the same blessings we receive when we place our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He hears our prayers and answers them. He reveals His Will to us and directs our paths. He grants us eternal life with Him and places a crown on our heads. He fills us with joy and gives us assurance that He is the victor because He is strong, for He is God Almighty. God faithfully loves, protects, and richly blesses His children with His presence forever. Praise be to God.

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