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Psalm 22

June 4, 2009

One might say this psalm is a very significant and profound psalm. David was one who sought the heart of God. In a sense he has found the heart of God because this psalm is messianic and prophetic in that Christ quoted it on the cross. David is experiencing feelings and emotions similar [but much less severe] to what Christ experienced while dying for our sin. It is both a lament and praise.

It begins with a lament [vs. 1-2] where the psalmist no longer senses the presence of God. He is calling but is not hearing God answer. He feels forsaken. His best friend is not returning his calls.

Praise follows in verses 3-5. The psalmist acknowledges God as the true King, Holy. God is their deliverer in times of trouble. He, God is faithful and the source of their salvation, the source of them as a nation living in the Promised Land.

The lament returns in verses 6-18. David is in great distress and under great stress. He feels like a worm. He is not liked but mocked and insulted. The people say “If he is so godly, let God save him”. There obviously is two different opinions as to the direction of Israel, David’s [God’s] and the peoples. David is assured he has been chosen by God at his birth to lead Israel but he is battling bulls, lions, and dogs. David has no more strength. HE is wasted fighting these evil men who would dethrone him. The same was true of Jesus. Israel put Him on a cross to dethrone Him as their King but God rescued Him, resurrected Him.

David begins to humbly pray in verse 19. He asks the Lord to come to his aid declaring that God is his strength. David’s strength is gone and only God can deliver His Will and his life through His direct intervention. David declares his dependence on God.

After David asks the Lords help he continues with a prayer of commitment. David commits to tell all about God and give God the praise and the glory. He commits to encouraging others to join him [vs. 23] because he is assured God has heard his cry for help [vs. 24]. David further commits to do what is right; to praise God, to fulfill his calling, to feed the poor, to encourage worship of the one true God, to do all he can to assure godly descendents continue in Israel so as to witness of God’s goodness to all people. David commits to doing God’s Will.

We too feel beaten from time to time, that everything and everyone is against us and that we have no friends. When that happens, praise God for He is faithful and will deliver us. Pray assured that God hears and will come to rescue us. Then we are to renew our commitment to serve God according to His Will. We are to trust, commit, praise, and glorify the Lord for He is King of Kings.

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